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Thread: Playtech game speed - polite or rude behaviour ?

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    Lets start with the thing, that i have never defended Playtech... and im not doing it now ether. Also i have never had any other accounts, so think twice before making any theorys of who i am, cuz you will never guess anyway so I have no idea what youre talking about!

    Anyway youre right - dealers are paid to deal to you even if youre not the only player at the table, but with the communicating part..
    You see, dealers have to be welcoming, smiley, nice and help if you have any game related questions. Unfortunately dealers are not payed to listen when someone about his personal life, and you know what i mean here! They can simply answer by ok, i see, thats sad, amazing and so on.. So if they want, they talk, if not... Also maybe dealers dont want to listen to youre explanations, cuz and again, as much as i know, instead of telling the meaning in one sentence you go into this, which might let dealer feel uncomfortable as she didnt know such a simple word, so it is easier just to ask someone who will tell the meaning in one single latvian word! youre not an english teacher, so believe me most of people might not find it. But that wasnt the thing i wanted to say. Just think by yourself how much time, youre putting into all this things.. maybe you should just take it all easy. And tbh youre not better than the other players you mentioned above. and i agree with what Another Dealer sed.

    The only thing - about how much you play, i really havent payed attention to that lately, but i sure know that ~1month ago and more you did play about 6 hands in half an hour, or i might be wrong again, cuz God knows how many accounts you actually have, but it really doesnt matters that much in all this. Anyway im not here to argue, i just came to say my opinion.

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    so think twice before making any theorys of who i am
    ... whatever, like ships that pass in the night.

    Yes you ARE wrong!

    Not here to argue, but you think you know more about my accounts than me
    Yes I know dealers see a player's 'username' and NOT just the 'nickname'. That was obvious a long time ago when a male ex-dealer always called me by my 'username' on a null name account!. But I'm sure it doesn't show you other specific account info.

    I visit the main casinos to see promotions, any new tables, and provide talking points etc to post in the forum!

    Like you said, it doesn't matter how many accounts I have! Or, what I talk to dealers about.

    And it is NO business of you or dealers who read my casino chat hours later, and have no idea of the context of my chat, or what the other dealer was saying to me .... YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

    So NOT relevant to this thread about how much some dealers use the keyboard etc.

    I never said I was better than any other visitor to the casino. You made it an issue of if a player doesn't bet on a round they shouldn't have a valid opinion on what they see. A Playtech rule or just yours? I'm sure when you get your ranking and bonus based on comments from those many who don't bet you still take the money. I wouldn't call those PLAYERS though!

    Your somewhat skewed remarks aimed at me seem to be your only defense for the actual topic.

    • " The lady doth protest too much, methinks "

    Yes, I have seen You reading player chat to other dealers and sending messages to CSR's etc. as soon as you sit down!

    It seems 'The dealer' agrees with me, and knows what I'm talking about here.

    ok Gu*** ...... not here to argue

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    There is much less keyboard use now!

    A dealer asked me if I had noticed anything different recently. I said yes.

    Apparently warnings were given to dealers & CSR's that the inside chat should only to be used as a work tool.

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    & it seems Somebody is not working at Playtech anymore.

    Maybe she should have spent more time learning English so she could have passed the test to become a CSR.

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    I recently had it confirmed by an ex Playtech dealer the sort of things that were being chatted between CSRs and dealers on tables.

    Much like it looked so .... they were joking around when bored etc.

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