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Thread: New Playtech Euro tables

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    New Playtech Euro tables

    Playtech have opened another new blackjack table - Jupiter

    Name:  Jupiter_kimberly.jpg
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    ... Jupiter - nice dealer, not sure about the table

    It is located next to VIP / Artemis / 3D / Exclusive roulette table .... visible in the background.

    Bet limits are higher, eg. at my casino 12.5-1.25k (compared with other tables 5-750).

    I can't say I am impressed with the colour of the table. It actually seemed to hurt my eyes starring at it !

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    It has been a busy year so far at Playtech:-

    • new dedicated tables, many new dealers, mobile Apps etc.

    • tables have changed colours and new 'regular' English tables.

    Pluto BJ was opened in January - previously William Hill's Italian blackjack before it moved.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pluto_vanessa.jpg 
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ID:	1355 ... Pluto

    Uranus BJ was opened in February - previously bet365's dedicated blackjack before it moved to bet365's new area

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Uranus_anfisa.jpg 
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ID:	1354 ... Uranus

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    So Jupiter's an all-access blackjack table (ie you can play it regardless of which Playtech casino you're logged on from)?
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    No, not all casinos so far, but then some casinos don't have the blue Playtech tables. VIP level maybe a factor also.

    Green tables have the lowest minimum bet, then the blue, & now this new colour is higher again.

    More of this colour tables may come...

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    Just an update on table positions .... today Playtech have moved some tables around.

    Baccarat is now where Uranus was,

    and Casino Hold'em has moved to where Pluto was.

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    I'm would play at Jupiter all day with these lovely dealers ...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester
    More of this colour tables may come...
    Playtech have finally got round to opening the other higher limit table next to Jupiter. The Argo table has been sitting there unused.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	argo.jpg 
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ID:	3015 ... Argo

    It's the same bright lights and colour as Jupiter, but thankfully they got rid of the unsuitable yellow table graphics several months ago.

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    Another baccarat table is now open in the VIP area (ruby room).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	perseus_VIP_bac.jpg 
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ID:	3055 ... Perseus VIP baccarat

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    Table limits at the Perseus table are considerably higher.

    eg. at Ladbrokes: 250-5000 vs 2.5-300 at the other baccarat tables.

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    & so that makes 5 baccarat tables available to Ladbrokes players in the Riga studio ... plus those in the Asia studio

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