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Thread: What do we want?...what do we really really want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yang View Post
    Nude dealers? Any input on this idea? Or topless....

    You are lucky The Dealer is not logging in to beat you up over this!

    Perhaps you will have more luck elsewhere in a quest for nudity.

    ps. Actually, topless dealers already exist if you search.

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    Fester, do you think these technical issue down times are becoming more regular, or are you just more vigilent reporting them these days?
    Was my routine dash around the casinos today with thoughts of this month's blog.

    Came across another technical hiatus at Playtech's Euro studio . It wasn't planned studio work as dealers were left mid game with cards on tables etc.

    Thankfully the delay was shorter than some of the 1hr+ times that I've experienced.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Watching the dealers 'twiddle their thumbs' in the live clickable lobby helped pass the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barabus View Post
    So guys..........just lets say i'm the top exec of a live game studio.

    What do we want ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester
    Less feeling of fakeness

    Over my years playing online casinos my general disdain for anything unnatural has remained fairly resolute. Although the things I'm prepared to tolerate has waxed and waned.

    • One thing though I've never liked is studios providing dealers with specific questions & chat topics to try to get players talking at the tables.

    The other day at Paddy Power's private tables the dealer was obviously reading through a list of Playtech Euro studio provided questions to ask the players. Normally such a thing would be my cue to exit the table and never wish to chat to the dealer again.

    One question in particular she asked I found so unnatural and out of place ...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Have you ever toilet papered somebody's house?

    It just felt like the people supplying the questions had spent too much time watching American pop culture. It may be a relevant question to American players .... IF THERE WERE ANY actual American players at Playtech. But toilet papering somebody's house is not a regular occurrence in the UK.

    • Fundamentally I'd rather just have a 'normal' conversation with a dealer about films, sport, life etc. and see where the conversation goes. Not the studio providing the dealers with a list of abstract questions and the lack of engagement between dealer and player it creates.

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    Naked dealers! it is a good idea! why not?))

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    Already been done at a few studios/platforms to varying degrees of undress. Trying searching the web using the word 'porn' for a more recent offering.

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    Comp Poins at all the Evolution powered casinos. Especially Unibet.

    P.S. I was wrong about Unibet. The only thing i wish to Unibet is it's bankrupting and closing.

    But Comp Point at Evolution Gaming = perfect thing. At some casinos can already be found.
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