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    nobody ever wrote something about her...
    take care whatever you do and smile as honest as you can
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    1) Disappeared (stopped dealing) in 2013

    2) Used to laugh all the time (seemed to be fake)

    3) Used to repeat from time to time: "Players, can you hear me? Can you see me?"

    4) Used to spend her vacations in Greece.

    5) Half-russian, half-latvian (rumors)

    6) Good feature was: when someone tried to say something rude or just unpolite, she used to give some short answer: "I'm a lady". Even at that moments when sound was not working and dealers had to type. Played with her not too many times, but do remember that (I've never been rude myself).

    So, after that we can say that the first sentence from the 1st message ("nobody ever wrote something about her") is not actual anymore.
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    nobody ever wrote something about her...
    This was actually incorrect at the time of posting, but I understood how Greek player soulhar was feeling at the loss of Karolina and so I let it be.

    To other members, I would remind them that the forum search function is a useful starting point before posting.

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    BTW. saying

    "can you hear me, can you see me?"
    (& variations of) is a common trick to get players talking ... Karolina was a habitual offender.

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