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Thread: Not getting respond from BogartCasino

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    Not getting respond from BogartCasino

    Two weeks ago while i was still playing live blackjack game, suddenly there's an error on the game,so the dealer cancelled the game, but i wasn't sure that i had my refunds back or not . I've been sent request via email to Bogart at least 3 times. Unfortunately, i didn't get any response regarding this matter.

    Why is so hard to get an explanation from Bogart now?


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    Hi Caveman,

    My experience with Bogart (and sister casino Betphoenix...same customer support) is that their support is very unresponsive...a point made at our at our US player page. I stopped playing with them a while ago for this reason.

    If you do eventually get a response, please let us know if your issue was resolved. I wouldn't hold my breath though!

    Good luck
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    tough luck there mate. customer service is definitely one of the key factors when you sign up with any casino. there are some people who doesn't really care about losing as long as when they contact customer service, they are taken care of.

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    Good news!
    I finally get my refund plus $50 more from Bogart after chatting with some one there about my future with them.

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    Well done Caveman.

    Customer support at casinos can be major headache .... trial of survival!

    I'm currently getting no joy at Winner Casino. Every time I contact them I get a different answer to the same problem & was also told to contact Playtech tech support direct .... which I've never heard back from!

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