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Thread: Hello! & forum rules?

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    Hello! & forum rules?

    Hello all Steve here, where can I find the complete forum rules? Thanks!

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    Hello Steve, welcome.

    Well I think the forum rules (see here) cover all the basics. ie. NO SPAM thanks.

    In addition, I would say...

    • That posts are based around LIVE DEALER games. Not RNG (slots etc.). The exception being the 'Anything goes' section.

    • That members DON'T create multiple accounts. Typically with the purpose of chatting to themselves, or thinking they will be able to 'gang up' on other members. eg. peterjohns, casinoplayer, film_maker/Superman(fig'0), ***myisaweirdo, susurs/somebody, Immyfaw.

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    .... hope those guidelines didn't stop you from contributing Steve

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