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Thread: Pop-ups at Playtech - Ladbrokes etc.

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    Pop-ups at Playtech - Ladbrokes etc.

    I have just had the most annoying time at Ladbrokes' baccarat table.

    I had only just took my seat when a pop-up window came across the table.
    This is online support, how may I help you tonight .....
    I had never requested help, so I closed the window, a few seconds later it opened again, so I closed window again, another 4 or so times the same bl**dy thing.

    Then I got...
    tonight I can offer you a deposit bonus .... blah blah
    So it was nothing to do with a support issue! I closed the window again, it came back again, & so on.

    Several windows later I got the message
    you seem to be busy tonight ... blah blah

    So in frustration I wrote back that "I was annoyed by the constant pop-ups when I was trying to play the game, and it never happened when Ladbrokes was at Evolution"

    That was a mistake, because it reinvigorated the idiot at other end of messages. More exchanges followed where he eventually said
    Sorry for disturbing, ..... but just let me tell you of a great deposit bonus....
    At which point I hit the exit button!

    He couldn't even just apologise without one last try.

    This is the worst I have ever known a casino for constant bonus pop-ups.

    It has also started at another couple of Playtech casinos where never before in over 2 years playing with them.

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    I got tired of playing at Tropez and Europa because of their unrelenting pop-up windows (note the review summaries).

    I don't know how casinos think this kind of strategy can lead to player loyalty?

    It's the online equivalent of those street hawkers in places like Bali or Thailand who harass you for miles trying to sell you knock-off Rolex watches etc
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    The dealer could see I was getting annoyed by something and asked me what was wrong.

    I told her what was happening. She not fully understanding sent a message to Playtech dealer support staff (CSR).

    Then the only crass response she could give was .... bonuses are a good thing, everybody likes to receive them, & I should be happy.

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    Hard for the dealers to appreciate what's being served to players computers I guess (outside the video that is)

    While these pop-up windows are beyond their control they probably bear the brunt of the annoyance they (the windows) cause players
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    Yeah I fully appreciated that

    But I also knew that the CSR giving her advice what to say was most likely an ex dealer and how dismissive they can be about anything players say. Which probably comes from the time they spent dealing at tables. A couple have told me what dealers genuinely think about players and people who gamble online.

    typical Playtech dealer/CSR responses I have had in the past include:

    > comments of the camera being at fault met with ... there's NO problem!

    > being told If you are not happy about something then you can send your suggestions to Playtech customer support. Which most players would never know the address of.

    > being told you can leave the casino if you don't like something. Which indicates the studio was/is* only interested in its own agenda & providing a service to Playtech ... not listening to anything players say, or caring if 'players' never bet.


    * Playtech recently bought the company that runs the studio ... maybe the goal posts will change?

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    A couple have told me what dealers genuinely think about players and people who gamble online
    I'm sure they don't mean to tar all ALL players with the same brush. We're a pretty diverse lot I'd imagine.

    I've sat with some incredibly rude and obnoxious players. I know I'm not like that...and suspect many players aren't.
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    Hm..maybe you had some problems with your browser? I didn`t notice such drawbacks previously, so I thought that such Playtech POP-ups is the myth invented by the competitors..

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    The problem was with Labrokes and Playtech, NOT my browser & as LD said he's experienced the same issues at other Playtech casinos (Europa etc).

    Pop-ups are much rarer now at Ladbrokes.

    Maybe they got the message when I posted a link to this thread in another bonus pop-up window . .... & I know CSR's, other senior Playtech studio staff and casino exec's read the forum.

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    LD having the pleasure of more Playtech pop-ups in his blog

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    Ladbrokes continues to deliver on annoying behaviour,

    Pop-ups have been getting worse again at Ladbrokes. Today was so annoying.

    As soon as I logged in, there was a green request chat box and you had to click it to move on,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then it was the previous rubbish about "thank you for requesting to chat live at Ladbrokes" - I didn't request any such thing, I just wanted to navigate the site.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lads_p2.jpg 
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    Simply closing the chat box wasn't working today, with another pop-up you were forced to click, then more of Raven's spiel, "whilst I am assisting you. What do you think?" - err NO you are not assisting me and what I'm thinking is when exactly did annoying the hell become equivalent to assisting

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lads_p3.jpg 
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    For a brief second I was half tempted to respond by throwing a curve ball at Raven asking when the new Ladbrokes private tables are due to open. Then I thought better of it and closed the chat boxes several more times.

    Just when I thought they were over and I was going to get to chose a live table, there was another pop-up you had to click

    Click image for larger version. 

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