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Thread: Blackjack Party table

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    Blackjack Party table

    Evolution Gaming have launched their newest concept table called Blackjack Party

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    'Party' being the key word as to the atmosphere they are trying to conjure at the table.

    Games rules etc. are the same, but it comes with....

    • 2 dealers (or presenters) at the table,

    • music playing in the background,

    • and lively banter

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    The new table is available at William Hill.

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    The Blackjack Party table is open 24/7.

    Has 1 dealer & 1 'presenter' ... the ladies were 'famous' Evolution faces - coming from Immersive roulette.

    Table limits are lower with bets from /€ 0.5

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    the ladies were 'famous' Evolution faces
    Lucky Egils is getting to duet with all the ladies ... last night Karina, tonight Jekaterina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LD View Post
    Your familiarity with dealers scares me a little sometimes Fester
    I got that one for you LD

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    Interesting concept. I can see the attraction for players new(ish) to blackjack as a nice learning/entry point. Not so for more seasoned players.
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    I would have preferred a 'one to many' format table, more akin to Playtech's Unlimited Blackjack at Evolution. I suggested it when I was at their London office.

    It would be more involving for players than simply Bet Behind .... I'm assuming they want lots of players at the table for the party spirit.

    Then the co-host/presenter/sidekick could field the inevitable questions why a seat was receiving more cards when the player had selected to stand etc. ... which is a frequent question by new players at such tables.

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    Interesting concept. I can see the attraction for players new(ish) to blackjack as a nice learning/entry point. Not so for more seasoned players.
    But, yes it's a bit of fun, and new players will enjoy betting behind more on this table, than behind more serious players at high limit tables.

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    whispers suggest table will be rolled out 16th December to more casinos

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    I am new on the forum. Just have seen one of these games. For sure it's really interesting concept of game managing, but as i know, they've started with 2 girls on 1 table. And I think it would be much better than it is now. That confusing moment when you'r barely touching each other and it looks like your a couple. It makes discomfort for both of the dealers. As for the players, I think most of the players are men, so they would prefer 2 cute girls instead of 1. Otherwise, there's no need for a second person on the table if there's no chat between them. And as we all know, girls will always find something to talk about
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