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Thread: Asian Live Dealer Platform Provider

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    Red face Asian Live Dealer Platform Provider

    Hi everyone,
    Just registered and browsed a little bit on the forum
    The discussions are mainly focus on Western Live Dealer operators
    Wondering if you have visited any platforms developed by Asian operators?
    I would like to introduce one, called BBIN.
    Has anyone heard about it?
    The game categories are quite complete.
    You may visit the website esball for the games.

    Welcome to discuss~

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    Hi philipscathy

    Thanks for the heads up on BBIN. Hard to keep track of the new European facing providers, let alone those in Asia.

    And yes, focus of this site is skewed more to Western Live Dealer providers which is broadly consistent with the site user demographic.

    That said I do plan on having a look at a few Asian providers in future and adding them to the compare live dealer platforms page but they would need a First Cagayan license at very least to warrant a look

    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day


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