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Thread: First Time Hello

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    First Time Hello

    Hey there guys,

    I'm Richard. The preferred use of "Richard" over Rick or Rich is my attempt to look more official and serious. I fail at that before I start because I am extremely friendly, outgoing and laid-back.

    I found an issue with the profile picture uploader. It won't let me use either option on the upload stating that at the moment something is going on error. I may have screwed up but to be sure, I'd like to invite the site's admins to check it.

    As for everything else... have you guys seen Dasha on the main page video? She looks very professional.

    My best,

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    Hi Richard, welcome.

    Theres a picture size limit ~200kB (exact figure varies as admin has fun with settings ) for forum posts that can generate an unhelpful error message if exceed. May be your source of frustration

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    Hello!) LEts exchage our experience in casino adventures. I`m nubie here on this forum))

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    hello Ikor.

    really in the USA? .... or really another continent?


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