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Thread: Double Ball Roulette

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    Double Ball Roulette also available at Grosvenor Casinos.

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    back in May 2016's blog I wrote,

    I’m less impressed with the male Blackjack Party dealers used on the table. Too many Party dealers give an impression of thinking they are ‘special’ and are susceptible of bringing that inflated cocky ego with them to the Double Ball table

    It's worth noting that female dealers now also frequent the Double Ball table...

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    ps. in the few minutes I was at the table, Double Ball occurred twice within 4 spins,

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    female dealers now also frequent the Double Ball table...
    About time. Any ideas why they made it a male dealer only zone until recently?
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Double Ball brought down to Earth ie. minus the floating in space setting and old music.

    It makes for a roulette table that feels a tad more classy. Presumably Evolution felt the table needed a lift/something with the launch of Lightning Roulette.
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    William Hill now "Yes". Like we use to say: "Even a century has not passed yet".
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    In the last couple of years it's been quite obvious how WHill have dragged their heels when it came to new general access tables from Evolution.

    Basically being unwilling to pay Evolution extra for the “privilege” of having its players lured away from it’s multiple own private area tables that it was already forking out for.

    With the closure of Macau etc tables there was less to keep players at William Hill when rival casinos had so much more available.....hence the arrival of new roulette options at Hill.

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    My only advice would be to stay away from the double ball game. There are 1369 possibilities, but you can bet on only 37 on them (same double numbers). If you pick the right one, you won 1300$ for 1$ which totally makes sense (same house edge as the normal roulette) if the landing of the 2nd ball was totally independent of the landing of the 1st ball. Obviously, there is no need to have done big studies to know that is not the case. And the probability for the 2nd ball to fall under the same number as the first one is among the lowest ones... Not surprising why they don't offer you the possibility to bet on any of the 1369 combinations. A game to avoid at all cost...


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