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Thread: Baccarat 9:1 payout on tie bet

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    Baccarat 9:1 payout on tie bet

    This has been touched on the news forum, but thought it worth it's own thread here in the baccarat forum.

    There are now at least 2 Evolution casinos offering 9:1 payout on tie bets (8:1 is the norm EVERYWHERE and offline)

    Good chance more will follow.

    Presently, generous baccarat tables are at...

    What most caught my eye was...

    I thought it must be some mistake so I opened the help,

    ....TIE pays 9:1

    I still couldn't believe it so I asked 2 Genting dealers who both quoted 8:1 for TIE.

    And now Grosvenor...
    Another Evolution casino has increased the baccarat payout on Tie.

    ...Tie pays more, albeit non existent so far in this shoe.

    Grosvenor pay 9:1 on Tie for all the generic water baccarat tables
    ps thanks Fester for picking these up
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    A shoe without any Tie is like drinking beer without vodka ... Anyway, happens not so often. As for me, then i don't need that 9:1, cause placing bets on Tie isn't my cup of tea. Better they should add Dragon-Tiger. 1:1 to both hands. And with the same betting limits as Player-Banker. Also Big-Small. Where the [some rude word] is that option ? Even some smaller live casino providers have and such giant as Evolution gaming still doesn't.

    P.S. Big-Small should be 1,54. Don't even dare to make it 1,5 if decide to add someday.
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    Players who do like the Tie bet looking for a more generous payout should appreciate the higher 10:1 payout now available from Playtech on its new Dragon Tiger game (think of it as Baccarat Lite ).

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