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Thread: Question on Unlimited Blackjack

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    Question on Unlimited Blackjack

    Hello all, they are really giving us the feeling that we are alone on unlimited blackjack but I am wondering how it works.

    Normal blackjack, il I am the last player before the dealer. If I have 12 and the dealer has 7 or higher, I have to take the card. Because, if it is a 10, yes, I will exceed 21 but if I let the dealer have the 10, he would have won anyway.
    So if you take the card, you get 10, you bust and then the dealer bust. But you don't have regrets because if you didn't take the 10, the dealer would have not bust.

    Now unlimited blackjack, if I stop at 12, I have the feeling the dealer get the next card. But is it true? Because, yes I didn't take the card but other players might have taken the card and we don't see what happens to other players. So, are we skipping a card in the game for other players that we cannot see?
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    I have the feeling the dealer get the next card. But is it true? Be
    Good question. You actually won't know this for sure because it depends on:
    a. whether there are other players seated at your position, and
    b. whether they chose to hit or not

    You're right, this isn't the same as having the far left seat at a traditional 7 seat table.

    However, even though you don't know whether the next card is for the dealer or other players, your basic strategy rationale shouldn't change.

    Bit more on unlimited blackjack here
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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