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Thread: Why did you start playing?

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    Why did you start playing?

    Hello guys For quite a long time I've been interested in gambling and looked for some blogs to read but didn't dare to start playing myself. Then once my cousin won a good deal of money I thought "Why not?" It took time before I won for the first time, but I won! I can't say that I play a lot, but from time to time I do. Frankly speaking, I'm more interested in writing about gambling. Yes, I'm a bit on the other side, but still in gambling. And what about you? Why did you start playing?

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    Let's be honest, the buzz of winning is nice, and it's probably what hooks most people into gambling. I'm a realist however, and see it as a form of light entertainment that (like most forms of light entertainment) costs rather than makes money.

    First started when they opened a casino in my home town (Melbourne) when I was still at university. Used to occasionally hit the blackjack tables with a friend and we'd each have a $100 to stake. If we lost it we left. If we doubled it we also left, and generally went skiing the following day. Bit of harmless fun.

    If you're expecting to make money gambling you're going down a dangerous path I reckon.
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Recently I started to play slot games online. Of course, firstly I tried to play demo versions in order to know what is the slot machine. Moreover, I have known a lot of casino software providers that are really famous on the gambling market. OK. Then I started to play for real money. The first slot games was Book of Ra by Novomatic. I won $40 and was really happy! But I lost them at that moment because started to play at Blood Suckers by NetEnt. I adore NetEnt games. So, this is my story

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    I started playing because I was bored and I wanted to distract myself with something


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