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Thread: Are there any threads where members of the forum can share links with casino bonuses?

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    I've never been blocked, only "banhammered". So, i was able to log-in, play, but was not able to chat. I really have some fake detail accounts, but only on those casinos, where any registration from my country is not possible (PAF, Nordic etc). Just in order to be able to visit my favourite dealers from time to time. But i don't have any multiple accounts, because it's impossible to play (make transactions) anyway. So, as for Evolution, then i have been banhammered only at Sportingbet (That hit by banhammer can be called "fair", cause that was really my fault) and WH.

    And as for William Hill... They are paranoics who don't respect their customers. You know it by yourself, cause in winter 2015 you were banhammered yourself there without any objective reasons. Was mentioning that story by yourself somewhere at this website (both blog and several different threads).

    My last example (WH): I joined to check their new limits before proceeding my future deposit. Had very short conversation with a dealer. Was not rude at all (she was even asking to visit her next table, but i got some phone call, and after that morning shift was over), and i mentioned: "Not bad limits, i'll make a deposit and start playing tomorrow", but next day i found out that my chat had been blocked. On my question their customer support answered: "That happened, because you came to chat, not to play". Which 3 letters are used to express some surprise ? 3 letters and few other symbols.. WTF ?!? I think, the reason was combined: They don't respect their customers + some of WH's VIP Hosts are (as you called) "Latvian Waffen SS Descendants" whose eyes are getting red while reading any messages on Russian. Cause some people from that "small, but proud coutry" really hate Russia.

    That's not my fantasies. Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers (VIDEO). The most shameful and disgraceful day. EU member country.... There are no "facepalm" smileys in local library. Take it as my gift.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    P.S. About Playtech - that's a little bit different story. Next time...
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