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Thread: Baccarat - winning method on long term/ RNG

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    Baccarat - winning method on long term/ RNG

    I just learnt the rules by curiosity (I felt ignorant to not know them lol) and one thing struggled me right away. If you start betting for example at 20$ a bet on banker (easy rule: always bet on banker). Every loss, you add to your previous bet: "your previous bet /19" to offset the house edge and rounded up to the closest dollar to make benefit. So, in this case, if you lose: next bet is 22$. If you win, you remove this amount. In this case, next bet would be: 18$. When you stop playing and restart, always restart from where you stopped. If you make 2,000,000 bets, you are 100% sure to make a lot of money. You just need to have at least 50% win from the banker to make a lot of money and you know for sure you will get more than 50% win from the banker. If you are telling me that you are not sure to get 50% or more win from the banker, I will say: well, the casino counts on that because with 1:1 when betting on players, that's clearly mean the casino needs to see the player win less than 50% to make profit which means the banker needs to win more than 50% of the time. And also, I would argue that if the banker is not sure to win more than 50% of the time, that would mean the casinos are not sure neither to make profit with other low house edge games like roulettes or blackjack where we are so far away from the 20 - 30% house edge on sports bet.

    I do not feel the need to test my method right now but am I missing something or the baccarat is a lose games for the casinos??? Lol
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    I thought you had taken your gambling retirement after hitting Jackpot.

    Always betting on Banker is the basic baccarat rule every player should know, but it doesn't gurantee you will win.

    So basically you are just advocating a reduced Martingale approach (~ D'Alembert sytem) to baccarat. Before when that wasn't working for roulette you went to great lengths to argue that the live games were rigged.

    And yes, once again, there's a house edge for baccarat(whatever you bet on), that's how the casinos make money.

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    With this method, you need 50% win or more to make money, so this method can't work at the roulette as by betting on a colour (or equivalent), you have less than 50% chances to win. This method won't work at blackjack neither if you assume you will win less than 50% of the time.

    But in Baccarat, I don't have the numbers but I am assuming the banker should win about 50.5% of the times which would make it impossible to lose on the long term with this method (I am not an advocate of assuming because you have 50.5% chances to win, you will win for sure at least 50% of the time on the long term but apparently a house edge as small as possible is enough to ensure the casinos to make money on the long term so here we go).

    I retired so I am not going to test this method but I just want to help people who are still trying to make money out of those online casinos ready to everything to steal people and make more and more profits...
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    I tried this method at the live baccarat at bet365. I started with a bankroll of 500$ and finished with a bankroll of 1,400$ .

    And guess what? I don't have right anymore to play any live casino games at bet365. My sport bet have been limited to 1$ max one year ago so now, I can only play their 100% rigged rng games.

    I checked their rng baccarat. Surprise, surprise, on banker, they pay 1:1. Yes, the house edge is in our favour. Rng games are so rigged that they can give the house edge in our favour and still make money... What's the hell?

    When I pointed them out that their Rng roulette was rigged, they just deleted the game without saying anything.
    So now, I am not saying anything but if someone is in charge of verifying the fairness of the games, go check the rng baccarat of bet365 in the casino section (playtech games).

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    You are so driven in your belief that casino games are rigged, including LIVE games even if you don't say it so loudly here anymore.

    Surprise, surprise Playtech have also been paying 1:1 on BANKER, for Live baccarat over a year now.

    So there wasn't any need to revert back to talking RNG mode or "orangey mode" as some dealers call it .

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    Except that in the live games, if the banker wins with a 6, you win only 0.5:1.

    On the Rng game I am talking about, I read the whole rules and it is absolutely not written anything about that... so if the rules are the same and they forgot to say it, if they pay only 0.5:1 when you get a 6, you can really say loud they stole your money.

    Or they just let you play with the house edge in your favour...

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    By the way, for those wondering, the house edge on original baccarat (0.95:1 on banker) is much smaller than the one on modified baccarat with 1:1 on banker and 0.5:1 when you get a 6. The 6 will clearly kill you on the long term.

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    Another strange thing on tis RNG game, while the tie is written in big 9:1, if we check the table limit or the help, they are both saying the tie is 8:1. How can we have big discrepancies like that???? Nobody check the games?????

    And clearly, bet365 don't want me anymore in their casino. Not only I don't have right anymore to play their live games, but my min bet on the rng baccarat is 5$ and my max bet is.... 5$.

    Still, with 1:1 on the banker all the time and a refund in case of a tie, I could use the house edge in my favour. We know that the banker has more than 50% chance to come, but how many of us would bet that the rng will give me the banker winner more than 50% of the time if I always bet on banker? Nobody I am sure LOL

  9. #9 the clue is in the name = LIVE dealer games.

    Not RNG in whatever form. How the hell anybody could more trust slots and the like over what they can see and hear live (where the dealer responds to your comments in realtime) in front of you baffles me

    So anyway, this thread has been moved to the Anything goes section if you want to keep banging on about RNG games.

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    The thread started clearly on live baccarat and was at the right place. I gave a method to mathematically win on the long term without any fear to make bets higher than your limit and than the usual table limits, the must of the must and nobody seems to care LOL.
    But then, I got banished from live games because of this winning method, so it deviated to rng games (anyway, they are the same who developps RNG and live games and they are the same who use them) and yes, like in all conversations, it is 100% normal to deviate from the original subject so there is really no need to move the thread because of this...

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