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Thread: Baccarat - winning method on long term/ RNG

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    The fact being this forum is dedicated to live games, which I've tried several times previously to point out more subtly to you!.

    they are the same who use them
    No, not everyone who plays live dealer games gamble on RNG.

    Further to which,

    they are the same who developps RNG and live games
    this is also not true. Many casinos have a variety of live dealer games & RNG from several providers. Such as Evolution Gaming only provide live dealer games. Even 'Playtech casinos' who traditionally just had Playtech RNG more frequently nowadays also have RNG not from Playtech.

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    I meant: who developps them: Playtech..., and who use them: Bet365...
    So many people trust the live games but not trust the rng games. How is it possible one time to trust Playtech, Bet365... and one time not trust them? They are either honest or dishonest LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    trust slots and the like over what they can see and hear live (where the dealer responds to your comments in realtime) in front of you baffles me
    One thing who bother me with the live games is that there is always few seconds delay between the real and the broadcast. We are in 2017, they really do not need technically to have few seconds delay...
    So many people are complaining why in land casinos, you can bet when the wheel already started but you can never find this advantage with online casinos. That's quite obvious, if they let you do that, you could actually bet when the actual ball already landed LOL

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    So, nobody playing this winning method?

    I tried several times, always a success. Unfortunately, I have been banned in 4 live casinos out of 4 for playing this method... The casinos are litteraly watching every bets you are doing!!!

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    Maybe you should call those "4 live casinos" ? Also it would be very intersting to see how that process looks like. I mean the fact that you are banned. Message after logging in, or e-mail, or what ? And how much did you win before getting blocked ? Was Bet365 one of those "4 live casinos" ? That **** Bet365 with limits... How to say it better.... A person should not respect himself at all if he or she agrees to play with such limits as B365 offers.

    As for me, i can't login anymore only to those casinos who decided to switch off my country at all: Coral, Betvictor, Mr Green, Gala, Bet-at-home, Ladbrokes and so on...

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    Almost 5,000$ for the biggest win, only 70$ for the smallest win.
    At bet365, my sport bets are limited to 1$.
    I am banned from their live games, their slots and their scratch cards.
    I can play their RNG baccarat but min bet is 5$ and max bet is 5$. But their is a problem in this rng game because the house edge when playing banker is in my favour (but the banker wins only 5% of the time lol).
    I can play at their RNG roulette and RNG blackjack without any restrictions...

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