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    You won't hear anymore Ghost888 complain about rigged games lol after hitting the Jackpot. I can take my gambling retirement.

    My method: win some money with progressive bets on roulette or blackjack and then invest half of it in the slots.

    1st rule (the most important): set your limit for progressive bets that you are ready to lose, so don't be mad if you lose it. Never exceed your limit. If you are not able to win at least your limit before spending it, that's mean it is not a winning method. I.e. if your max limit bet is 100$, if you lose a 100$ bet before winning 200$, that's mean the method doesn't work.

    2nd rule: after two or three losses in a row, switch casino, i.e. continue your progressive bet but in another casino. Don't let any casino steal your money.

    3rd rule: prefer live game as rng but if you choose Rng (because mainly of their lower bet limit), be aware that the time at which you bet is really important, the most important. At the roulette for example, it doesn't matter if you select red or black, the rng will decide first if you win or lose the bet depending mainly on the time you hit the spin button and then only, it will select a number to match his decision. If you lose one bet, wait for 2 - 3 hours before doing your next progressive bet.

    What were my methods:

    - Live roulette: 2$ on the last color which came + 1$ on a number on the other color (select the last number of this color which came). I.e., if last results are 2, 7, 2, 8, 10, 11 bet 2$ on black and 1$ on 7. Progressive bet, so if you lose, 5 or 6 $ on a color and 1$ on a number.

    - Blackjack: I prefer by far the unlimited one (it seems you have much more chance to get BJ or 20 with 2 cards and it seems the dealer bust more often). So, never hit a card if you have 12 or higher. If you have 11, you can double but only if the dealer has 8 or lower as first card but don't forget it is always risky to double (you can lose two bets in once).

    Good luck to all. I hope you will follow my success. Big warning: if you lose twice your limit without winning it, stop progressive bets, it is not for you.

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    Maybe you meant to say about your Grail, not Jackpot ? If i'm correct, then the world "Jackpot" means some 1 single big (better huge) winning on slots, lotteries, pools betting (Marathon, Betfair, Unibet and other boomakers) and so on. But a system which gives more winnings than losses (in gambling, trading, etc) is usually called "Grail,The".

    P.S. Congrats anyway.
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    Thank you.

    Actually, we can say both. I invested my grail into slots to make the jackpot happens.


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