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Thread: problem with chat being blocked

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    problem with chat being blocked

    Has anyone had a problem with chat being blocked? Have asked customer support for the casino i was playing in but they say its not up to them to block a players chat. The only help they gave was to contact Playtech directly. Has anyone had any success doing this?


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    Hi xj,

    well I've never had the 'honour' of having my chat blocked at Playtech, although spiteful out of sight ex-dealer staff have been involved in blocking access to tables for things I've exposed in the forums etc.

    There's some discussion regarding chat blocks here.

    Further to which, generally players are given some form of warning from dealers to cease and desist their chat or be blocked. Unless their crime is considered so heinous to warrant a block without warning. So I'm assuming you probably know the reason for the block. As a cautionary note to youself and other players I would say don't expect to get away with chat that might be allowed on other platforms such as Evolution (who are much more reluctant to block player chat and then it's normally only a short period as opposed to 'infinity and beyond' at Playtech).

    Some players seem to have devoted their lives to getting blocked at Playtech. If you want to continue playing and chatting at Playtech the simple answer is just join another casino. There used to be a member of the forums who was blocked several times at Playtech. He never understood how the dealers realised it was him every time he joined the tables with a new nickname. LOL, everytime he created a new casino account he was using the same username, unaware that the dealers also saw a player's username - dealers being instructed to lie/not to divulge about seeing this information.

    Regarding contacting Playtech, all I can say is don't hold your breath. It wouldn't be the first time I've been advised by a casino to contact Playtech direct regarding some issue and had no response whatsoever.

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