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Thread: Salon Privé 'Super VIP' blackjack tables

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    Salon Privé 'Super VIP' blackjack tables

    Evolution have just introduced a new range of 'Super VIP' tables they call Salon Privé Blackjack

    At launch, there was Salon Privé Blackjack 1, 2, & 3

    Maximum bets are no more than Evolution's other VIP tables (Platinum, Fortune, Grand, Diamond), but minimums are a lot more.

    Few other things set these tables apart...
    1. when you open the table you have it to yourself...a private table in every sense of the word.
    2. it will be marked occupied, and no other player can join.
    3. play any/all of the 7'll have more time to place your bets and chat to the dealer
    4. should you have any special requests (eg dealer change) they will be given consideration on these tables. BUT
    5. you won't have the privilege of opening these tables unless your balance is high enough. You'll need an account balance $€£ 6,000 or more to access any of these tables.

    For you...and you alone....

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    If you've got the balance. If not you get this message...

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    However, like me, you may find your balance getting in the way of being able to open the table (those values are table min, not max!).

    At William Hill live casino...

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    At Leo Vegas (here table 1 is occupied and locked to other players)...

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    At Unibet (table 1 still occupied)...

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    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    However, like me, you may find your balance getting in the way of being able to open the table
    Let that be a lesson to us for having multiple casino accounts with gambling funds spread across them....stick with just the one casino in future and miss out on all the good stuff at other casinos....nah!

    At Will Hill the lowest Privé Blackjack table minimum is a mere 1,500 (in £'s) but you need at least 6k in your account to access the table.


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