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Thread: Jumbo7 Jackpot approaching $2mil

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    Jumbo7 Jackpot approaching $2mil

    For the live poker players out there...the Jumbo7 Jackpot on Evolutions Casino Hold'em is getting up there.

    Unsurprisingly, so are the number of players having a crack at it (around a dozen each round when I was playing).

    Still...get it a ta quiet time and who knows?

    Currently $ 1,779.175 and rising.

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    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    We know the situation regarding the lower RTP with side bets, but when these Jackpot side bets get so large you might as well have a flutter!

    Still...get it a ta quiet time and who knows?

    A couple of months ago I was having another Caribbean Stud Poker phase (only playing that table).

    The progressive jackpot on it had got quite large (nearly €400,000), but so few players were placing the side bet, usually less than 5 (sometimes only 1).

    I was playing the side bet everyday, thinking how great it would be to win ~ €80,000.......more than slightly miffed one day logging onto the table to see the jackpot had been won sometime since my last session the previous day

    Incidentally, during that time I did manage to win all the other fixed payout prizes on the jackpot bet, so they funded the side bet stake nicely.

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