We knew Infinite Blackjack from Evolution Gaming was on the way, when Fester's Spider Senses started tingling a couple of weeks ago.

Well, it is now live at a few casinos... Unibet and Betvictor to name a couple.

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I'll get a more detailed review up asap, but couple of first impression observations...

  • Cards dealt to the player position...
    These are obviously real and come out of the shoe, but are represented digitally on the interface at the players position. The 7, 4, 4 you see here are virtual cards.
    Other 'unlimited blackjack' tables from Playtech and NetEnt show real cards at the player position (so if you stand while other players hit you will see the hit card(s)...even though it won't be attributed to your hand).
    On Infinite Blackjack, you only see your played cards. Makes things a little clearer (once you get used to the way they transition the card from real to virtual during the deal)
  • Six Card Charlie rule...Six Card Charlie applies. If you draw 6 cards without going over 21, you beat the deal even if they have Blackjack
  • Side bets...
    Lots of side bets offered on this table, all paying out regardless if you win or lose the main game
  • Return to Player...
    RTP for the main game is 99.47%
    The addition of Six Card Charlie means this table actually has a better theoretical return that any of Evolution's 7 seat blackjack tables!