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Bodog88 have revamped their VIP program and rebate structures.

As seems to be the norm with most Asian based operators, their offers come with big headline numbers, but when you dig a little deeper they're never quite as good as they sound.

There's also a level of opaqueness in the offer so that you never really know what you're getting.

Their new rebate numbers (for weekly turnover), are at first glance quite generous: up to 0.9% at the top VIP level.

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Trouble is, the criteria on getting to that (or any particular) level is completely at the discretion of the Bodog VIP team...

Bodog VIP Service Team determines when a player’s Bodog VIP Account level is upgraded. Players will be informed if a new level has been achieved. Bodog VIP Account levels are reviewed on a monthly basis...
Also, your rebate isn't paid as cash, but rather a 1x wager/withdrawal bonus.

Still, at the lowest levels (assuming it's not too hard to get there...who knows?) you are still getting a 0.5% rebate on live roulette and Dragon Tiger, which isn't too bad.