Didn't think this was ever going to happen.

Finally, more than 2 years after the lower house of the Netherlands parliament approved new online gambling laws, the senate has now also voted in favour of the law.

Formal applications for licenses from operators within and outside the Netherlands can now begin, with expectations that licenses/regulated operations under the new regime will be up and running by next year.

Mind you, hard to place too much faith in expected timelines in this case. When the lower house passed the legislation back in July 2016, many thought things would be all systems go in 2017...

...The bill must now pass through the Senate, which it is expected to do once it reconvenes in Autumn. Most commentators seem to think that locally licensed operators could be accepting bets under the new regulatory framework before the end of 2017.
Since then, Dutch authorities have concentrated more on discouraging unlicensed operators from jumping the gun on the soon to be open and regulated market, then getting things up and running.

Hopefully we will be able to populate the Dutch live dealer tables forum before too long