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bet365 have all of a sudden become quite creative with their live casino promotions. Check this one out.

It's all about live blackjack. This is despite their significant terms stating:
You must play on available Live Blackjack and/or Live Roulette tables
Bets on their live roulette tables won't help you at all. Bets on their any of their live blackjack tables will, and the aim of the game is to complete as many of the prescribed blackjack challenges as possible.

You have from now until midnight (GMT) Sunday 5th May to achieve any of the challenges.

The challenges, in no particular order are:

  • Five Card Charlie: Win a hand of Live Blackjack, dealt 5 or more cards (minimum stake of €10).
  • Split and Win: Hit 21 with one of your Split hands on Live Blackjack (minimum initial stake of €5).
  • Make it Double: Make a Double Down bet 3 times during the promotional period (minimum stake of €10).
  • Natural Winner: Win 10 hands during the promotional period (minimum stake €10 per hand).
  • Master of Blackjacks: Achieve five or more Blackjack hands during the promo period (minimum stake of €10 per hand).

It's a 2-pronged prize structure.

First, you get €10 for each challenge completed (€50 max prize). Make it Double is probably the low hanging fruit.

Secondly, they are stumping up an additional €10,000 prize pool which will be divided equally by the number of challenges met by all players, and shared accordingly. So for example if all players manage a combined 500 challenges, that's an additional €20 paid out per challenge. If you had 4 of these...that's an additional €80 for you.

Prizes are paid as cash, which 'may be transferred or withdrawn at your discretion, with no wagering required'. However, you have 7 days to claim your cash prize or it is forfeit.

18+ and T's & C's apply