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    Spread bet roulette

    There is a new live roulette game. There is a 2nd roulette that has also numbers from 0 to 36 and you can bet on the total of the two roulettes. If 0 falls on the main one, you double your win. If you bet on a total of 0 or 1, you can win 400$. Go for it . There are 1369 possibilities. 3 possibilities are winner. 0 and 0 and you win double so 800$. 0 on the main one and 1 on the other one and you win double so 800$. 1 on the main one and 0 and you win 400$. So, once the 1369 possibilities are gone, you would win 2000$ for 1$ bet (much better than the expected 1300$ with same house edge as the normal roulette). 2000$ instead of 1369$, that is a house edge of 46% in your favour. So, play before the game disappears lol
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    And similarly, don't bet on a high total. The house edge is about 12% in favour of the casino for all combinations without considering the double win on 0 on main wheel. The house edge is enough in average to cover the double win so don't be foul and play smart.
    If 0 falls on main wheel, you know the total won't exceed 36 so if you bet anything with a total above 36, you will face a huge house edge of 12% in favour of the casino.
    But as you understood, when beating on a total of 0 or 1, in case of a win, you have 66% chances to double your win which makes now a huge house edge in your favour.

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    You may be proud of yourself. I've just made the screenshot with your 2 last posts, because i found them rather useful .

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    . Are you getting a total of 0 or 1 often?


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