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Thread: Order of dealing cards

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    Order of dealing cards

    The cards are scanned so the system knows the cards before the dealer returns them which can be frustrating for the players as the system often let us know if we win or lose before the dealer returns the cards. But this has the great advantage to possibly eliminate the human mistakes... but imagine what can happen if the order of giving the cards can be changed. Most of the time, the dealer gives himself his second card (that he will return only at the end) before starting giving the third cards to the players... but sometimes, not. Sometimes, the dealer takes his second card only at the end. So, what are the exact rules, is there an explanation for that??? Yesterday, on a table from Playtech, a player was alone at the table. He had 12, the dealer 5. The dealer scanned the card but didn't take it. Instead, he gave the card to the player who chose to hit. The card was a 10 so the player lost with 22. The next card was a 9 so the player should normaly had won with 21. The 10 should have been given to the dealer so with 15, he would have taken the card after the 9 which was a queen. So, the dealer should have busted with 25 while the player should have won with 21.

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    There's two types of dealing rules in Blackjack.

    Vegas Rules is where the dealer takes his second card with everyone else.
    With European Rules the dealer only takes his 2nd card at the end. Playtech offers tables with both sets of rules.

    For me it's significant on which rules to play. I only like playing Vegas rules, as the dealer is able to peek for BJ before anyone has had a chance to build their hand. This means you can get out of a hand if the dealer has BJ before placing any more money on the table.

    It's normally stated on the table what rule type is in operation.

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    For me it's significant on which rules to play.
    Agreed. As noted at,
    when playing the Vegas/US style deal tables, you’re armed with a little more info when playing your round in the case where the dealer has an Ace...if you’re playing the round you know they don’t have Blackjack
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Thank you so much for the clarification .
    If you play European rules and if you are the last player before the dealer (or if you are alone at the table), you have a big advantage as you know it is either you or either the dealer who get the next card. So, if you have 12 and the dealer 7 for example, you have to take the card as only 10, J, Q, K would make you lose but would give 17 to the dealer if you don't take it so no regret in losing. I developped a strategy the very first time I played but then I deleted my message because I thought I dreamt seeing the dealer taking the card only at the end LOL

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