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Thread: Playtech Live Slots - Buffalo Blitz etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclefester View Post
    Playtech stalwart Alisija. One of a handful of dealers (eg. Sintija, Daina) who always feature as launch dealers for every new table/game in the Riga studio.

    At least Alisija et al are spared from talking the hind legs of this donkey

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    God of Storms Live is available at bedfellows Betfair, Paddy Power & Sky Casino.

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    Not just Flutter brands that you encounter the tedium of God of Storms Live anymore,

    ie. now “playable” at Bet365, William Hill, ......

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    you encounter the tedium of God of Storms Live anymore
    I'm sensing you don't like these 'live' slots games Fester
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    I'm sensing you don't like these 'live' slots games Fester
    what alerted your senses LD, I'll try to be more careful in future

    I appreciate (/or find it difficult) how some people like to watch others playing slots etc on video sharing platforms.

    But no thanks, not for me.

    It's not as though the slots so far featured look so good or even have 'entertaining' bonus rounds to entice you to play the regular non-live slot title.

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    & it feels a very lazy/unimaginative easy option from Playtech trying to compete with alternative game show products from Evolution.

    ....they might as well go the full hog pushing cross-channel products and have Alisija commentating on pigeon racing to promote Playtech Sports betting.

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    I think it's actually very clever if you think about the way streamers work. These games are ideal for creating a community feel with a streamer, as you can watch and/or play along at the same thime, having the same experince as everyone else playing. If was a streamer I'd certainly be trying out one of these two live slots.

    It's not my thing either but i can see the appeal.

    It is different from what Evo is doing, but i wouldn't be surprised if we don't se something similar from them appear in the future, once the sale of NetEnt goes through.

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    Now that Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's etc. promotions are over anybody else missing defunct God of Storms Live?

    Hell NO!

    Thank the Almighty (aka Evolution) for continuing to innovate with new live games coming this year - playable at most good Playtech casinos nowadays/soon .

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