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Here's a live blackjack related offer from Mr Green.

It's on now. You must opt in. It's on certain live blackjack tables. It has something to do with being dealt 7 cards. You stand to win up to €635 cash if you nail the challenges.

I'm assuming it ends Sunday...consistent with their normal promo schedule.

Apologies for the vagueness. This is all that can be gleaned from their terms, which are completely unclear on all the important information.

Maybe my comprehension skills just aren't up to scratch? You may be able to do better...

  • The offer is only valid for a specific time period, please refer to each day’s offer expiry timer on-site for the remaining qualification period. A valid day is from 00:00 – 23:59 CET
  • Only real-money gameplay on the selected LIVE Casino Blackjack tables will qualify for this reward, gameplay on any other Blackjack table will not be counted.
  • Betting behind will not qualify for the offer, only those seated at the qualifying tables will count towards the reward.
  • All prizes can only be claimed once for a total real cash payout of up to €635 if all 4 challenges are completed.
  • Split hands are excluded from the offer.
  • Rewards are based upon the first 2 and 3 cards dealt to the player, dealers’ cards are not included in the count.
  • Should a player get two cards (7s) of the same suit and then a third (7) of another suit, the higher and more valuable prize will always be applied.
  • One hand, one prize only.
  • All Cash rewards will be credited within 72 hours from the offer's completion. All reward winners will be notified by SMS.

Good luck!