Live dealer roulette

Roulette is a perfect fit for live game developers/operators because a single table and croupier can cater to many players. As such, no matter which live casino you play at there will always be a live roulette table on offer.

European, French, American Roulette tables

European Roulette (single zero) is the most common format, with standard bets and payouts applying. French Roulette tables are also widely offered (also single zero). American (0,00) tables are also available but best avoided if you can help it given the inferior returns that apply!

The difference in theoretical return between these table types is significant: 97.3% for European Roulette, compared with 94.74% for American Roulette.

The sortable gallery below will allow you to quickly filter the various types of tables offered to assist with selection.

What are studio live roulette tables?

Most live roulette tables are situated in purpose built studios, designed solely with the aim of streaming the action online.

Table layouts and wheels used (eg Cammegh, TCS John Huxley) are as you will find inside a traditional casino; as are available bets, odds and payouts.

Because they are purpose built for online play, game capture (lighting, video capture, dealer chat capability etc) can be pretty impressive on these tables. Ironically they can do a better job of re-creating a real roulette experience than the in-casino live roulette tables.

What are in-casino roulette tables?

In-casino tables are a big trend in live gaming right now. These are actual roulette tables situated on the floor of traditional bricks and mortar casinos. You play them live online, while patrons inside the casino play them in the traditional way with real chips.

You can play roulette on tables inside a rapidly growing number of casinos all over the world; London, Italy, Romania, Georgia, Malta and the United States. You can read the complete list of available in-casino tables here.

Whether you play studio tables, or in-casino tables, there are distinct  advantages to playing online live roulette over playing the ‘old fashioned’ way at your local casino.

Here you have a clever betting interface that lets you easily place special bets (neighbours etc) at the click of a mouse, view various outcome history charts, check your bet history, or play multiple tables simultaneously. These and other features won’t improve your odds, but they do add a little convenience or spice to the game.

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The sortable gallery below gives you a high level summary of available tables and where you can play them.

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Sortable gallery of live roulette tables

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