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Live blackjack basic strategy with early payout from Vuetec

June 25 2009, Staff writer

Basic Strategy Blackjack with Early Payout


Vuetec Ltd, the live dealer platform provider behind Lucky Live Casino have been making a lot of noise about their live blackjack game with early payout.  The game is streamed from the Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino in Dublin, Ireland using Vuetec's Java based streaming and bet interface technology and offers a novel variation on standard blackjack games - strict basic strategy with a calculated early payout option.

What is basic strategy with early payout?

This game offers players a novel variation to standard blackjack and actually enforces optimal playing strategy, but eliminates a degree of player decision making.  There are two key elements to this game that make it different to 'standard' blackjack offered other live casinos listed on this early payout option and mandatory basic strategy play.

Early Payout - At any stage during the deal players are offered the option to exit the game and accept a house calculated early payout rather than play the game to conclusion.  The payout value is mathematically derived from the expected return of any particular hand, minus a small casino margin.  A so called 'Early Payout Multiplier' is applied to the player's bet stake to determine the value of the early payout.

The concept is illustrated by way of example at game's the rules page as follows:

- Player wager €5

- Player hand after first two dealt cards: , totaling 5

- Dealer's "up card" is

- Early Payout Multiplier under this scenario is -0.03 (multipliers for all deal scenarios are provided)

- Resulting Early Payout = (€5 x -0.03) +5 = €4.85

So at this point the player may exit the game by choosing the “EARLY PAYOUT” option and be paid out €4.85, or continue to play by choosing the ‘NEXT PLAY’ option.  Note in this particular example the player hand is not a strong one relative to the dealer's up card and the offered payout results in a wagering loss.  Where the player hand is strong relative to the dealer's up card a positive multiplier applies and the resulting payout produces a profit.  Player (11) , dealer up card (6) for example results in an Early Payout Multiplier of 0.64 equating to a €8.20 payout offer on a €5 wager.

Basic Strategy - Blackjack basic strategy is simply optimal blackjack decision making at each point in the game.  That is, choosing correctly whether to hit, stand, split, or double down so as to mathematically optimize your playing returns.  Basic strategy cards may be used to illustrate the basic strategy play for any given deal scenario.

But when playing Basic Strategy With Early Payout™ at Lucky Live Casino or other Vuetec casinos, the task of deciding the basic strategy play is not required...the dealer makes this decision for you.  You simply choose to either accept an early payout, or continue with the 'NEXT PLAY" in which case the hand is dealt out according to basic strategy.  If basic strategy dictates a hit, then choosing 'NEXT PLAY' will result in a hit.  If basic strategy dictates standing, then choosing 'NEXT PLAY' will result in standing.

It could be thought of as the live gaming version of Micrgaming's Viper RNG games (Viper 'Auto-play' mode actually plays the game optimally for you), with the added twist of an early payout option, and of course the fact that a real dealer is dealing the cards.

The benefit of this game is that it eliminates the possibility of horrendous decision making and will result in a long term return to player (RTP) rate tending closely to Vuetec's claimed 99.5%.  On the down side, it eliminates a degree of the decision making and skill element of the game of blackjack which many players no doubt enjoy.  Further, astute players of the game who know how to play basic strategy will know that a 6 deck shoe played optimally has a house edge marginally smaller than the 0.5% applying to Vuetec's game.

Click here for full house rules of Blackjack Basic Strategy with Early Payout

Click here to visit Lucky Live Casino

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