Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is deemed to be a glamorous, high limits card game of chance using eight decks of cards. In Live Baccarat all face cards and 10's have no face value. Aces through nine are counted as their respective face value; Aces are equal to one. Any value that reaches a double digit number, the ten digit is automatically dropped. Players may bet on three different options: the Player, the Banker or a Tie (Egalite). The different betting options are simply tags. They do not refer to the actual player or live dealer. Our live croupier deals two cards face down to both the Player and the Banker.
How to Play Live Baccarat

In order to play, you will need to place a bet on either the Player, Banker or on a Tie. The goal in Baccarat is to reach 9 points (sum of cards). If the Player or Banker wins, the payout is even money. However, a winning Banker entitles a 5% commission. If a Tie bet wins you receive a payout of 8 to 1. The minimum bet that may be placed in our live Baccarat game is 0.1 and the maximum bet allowed is 500.

ViG's authentic dealer will deal two cards to the Player hand and the Banker hand. The Player hand is always dealt first. If the third-card rule permits, a third card may be dealt to the Player or the Banker or to both. Our software makes these called for decisions automatically, so there is no need for you to learn the third-card rules.
Player's Third-Card Rule

If the Player's hand does not take a third card, then the following rules determine if the Bank's hand takes a third card.
Bank's Third-Card Rule