Casino Hold'em Poker Rules

Game Description

In poker, 5 cards are called “a hand”. Win by having a higher ranked hand than the dealer's hand. Hand ranks are described in Hand ranking section.

A variation of Texas Hold'em, you are dealt two hole cards, the dealer is dealt two hole cards which remain hidden until the end. Five community cards are dealt (used for dealer and player). The software decides the highest possible hand between the 2 initial cards and the 5 community cards. The player's hand and dealer's hand are compared to select the winner. After the winner is announced, the deck is shuffled.

Table Terms
Hole Cards or pocket cards: first two cards dealt to the player and to the dealer. Flop: first 3 community cards. Turn: 4th community card, dealt after the decision to Call or fold. River: last community card. After this card the dealer reveals her cards. Kicker: the highest unpaired card in a hand, used to decide the outcome of an otherwise tied round.

Betting options
Ante: initial bet which must be placed in order to participate in the game.
Bonus (Aces or better): optional bet which must be placed, together with the Ante.
Call: bet equal to double the Ante, must be placed in order to receive the last 2 community cards. The player must have sufficient funds, otherwise, hand folds after betting timer ends.
Fold: surrender the initial hand (2 hole cards and flop) and bets (ANTE and Bonus). Failure to Call within the given time results in a Fold.

Game Outcomes

Player wins when:
Dealer's hand does not qualify. Dealer's hand qualifies and is lower in rank than the player's hand. Ante is paid according to payout table.

Player loses when:
Dealer's hand qualifies and is higher in rank than the player's hand (player loses Ante and Call bet). Player folds the hand, and therefore loses Ante and Bonus bet. If you do not Call within the given time, the game automatically chooses to Fold your hand.

Player ties (push) when the dealer has equally ranked hand. Ante and Call bets are returned.

When player and dealer hands are equally ranked, the kicker determines the winner.

Game Sequence

After the player's initial bet (ANTE) the player and the dealer are both given 2 cards (dealer's cards remain face down). The player may also place an additional “Bonus” bet while placing the ANTE; giving him an additional payout option according to the Payout Table.

Immediately after, 3 “community cards” are dealt (the flop), placed in between the player and the dealer. At this moment, player decides between::
CALL: continue playing by placing a bet which is double the amount of the ANTE.

After bet time expires, two more community cards are dealt: Turn and River. The dealer's pocket cards are revealed. The software will decide for each, the player and the dealer, the highest possible hand (5 cards chosen between the 2 initial cards and the 5 community cards). Player and Dealer hands are compared and the winner is whoever has the highest ranked hand.


HAND Ante Bonus
Royal Flush 100:1 100:1
Straight Flush 20:1 50:1
Four of a Kind 10:1 40:1
Full House 3:1 30:1
Flush 2:1 20:1
Straight or less 1:1 -
Pair of Aces to Straight - 7:1

Dealer's hand qualifies on pair of fours or better.
Call bet pays 1:1 if the dealer's hand qualifies. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, the Call bet is returned.
Bonus: optional bet that the player's 2 initial hole cards plus the flop (first 3 community cards before the turn) will include a pair of Aces or better. Player forfeits the bonus payout when folding, regardless of the hand.

If dealer's cards are revealed before river at any point, the hand is cancelled.
All cancelled hands require shuffling the deck again.
*Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.