Media Live Casino roulette rules

After loading this kind of game a series of keys shall be available in order to decide the amount of each bet per each game, together with some icons showing the total account of the player.

The " Total euro " icon shows the total balance of the account, " Bet " represents the value of the bet done, " Won " shows the total earning or loss of the player in each game while " Net " represents the total earning or loss of the player in the game.

First of all it is better to fix the value of the fiches that the player wishes to play, clicking the chips that are decided to use that will therefore be underlined can do this. Then, clicking on the proper spaces on the table it will be possible to determine how many chips to bet for the game.

The bets are to be made within 40 seconds. Once the 40 seconds are over, NO MORE BETS will appear and it won't be possible to bet anymore. The video of the roulette can be enlarged by double-clicking it and there are 2 zoom levels.

The payments of the winnings are the following:

Full: 35:1 Sextuplet: 5:1 Passe: 1:1
Horse: 17:1 Coumn: 2:1 Even/Odd: 1:1
Triplet: 11:1 Dozen: 2:1 Red/Black: 1:1
Carrč: 8:2 Manque: 1:1  

At the end of the turn it will be possible to use the " New game " key to clean the fiches off the table or " Same bet " to reposition them as in the preceding game.

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