Vuetec Live Poker (Texas Hold'em) rules

Game rules

Texas Hold 'Em Poker is played as a “heads up” game, with your hand playing against the dealers hand only.

In order to play a hand, you must place an 'Ante' prior to the first card being drawn. You may also place a “Bonus” bet. Once the first two cards are dealt to you, the “Bonus" bet will be paid if won (see Bonus bet section). After the first two cards are dealt, you may then choose to 'Bet' or 'Fold'. To fold, you may click the “FOLD” button (if you fold at this point your Ante will be forfeited.). If you wish to continue playing, you must click the “BET” button to make a “Flop” bet equal to twice the ANTE bet. The game will continue, revealing the three flop cards (these 3 cards are located on the ‘Right' side of the playing Table). You may then decide to “Bet” or “Check” on the "Turn". The “Turn” bet will cost the same amount as the initial “Ante” bet. The “Turn” card will then be revealed. You may then decide to “Bet” or “Check” on the "River". The “River” bet will also cost the same amount as the initial “Ante” bet. The dealer's hand will then be revealed.

When all cards are revealed, winning hands will be paid. In the Live version of this game, each Bet selection is timed. You must make your selection before the timer expires. If you do not make a selection to Bet, then the game will assume you have Folded on the Flop, or Checked on the Turn or River bets.

To win, your hand must be better than the dealer's hand. Final hands consist of the best 5 card hand that can be made from the Yours or Dealer's first 2 cards, and the 5 common cards dealt. All bets are paid at even money 1 to 1. If your hand does not have a Flush or better, the “Ante” bet will be a stand off. Hands with a higher value than the dealer's will win, and hands with a lower value will lose. 

Where both hands have equal value then, the next highest card in each hand will be the deciding the winner. If the hands are still the same the hand is declared a draw.

If a game results in a draw, all bets are returned except the Bonus bet.

Placing bets

To place bets on the table move your mouse over the chip on the edge of the table which represents the value of the chip you wish to place and Click the left mouse button. This chip will now have a Yellow ring surrounding it (this represents that you have selected this Chip to play with). Move the mouse pointer to the position on the table where you wish to place a bet. If the position is a valid position a small rectangle will pop-up and display the name of the position. Click the left mouse button to place the chip. There will now be a chip on the table in the position you placed it. There will also still be that chip following the mouse so you can continue to place more chips. Also notice that the small rectangle which used to display the name of the position now displays the name of the position and the value placed on that position.

If you wish to select a different chip, move the mouse to the edge of the table, place it over the chip you wish to pickup and click the left mouse button. The Yellow ring which was on your previously used chip will now move to chip you just selected.

If you place more that one chip on a particular position the chips may change value or reorder themselves. These chips still represent the same value they have just changed to the minimum amount of chips to represent the value or they have changed to maintain the order of "largest chip on the bottom, smallest on the top".

Bonus bets

Bonus Bet Payouts
Ace - Ace 30 - 1
Ace - King (suited) 25 - 1
A - Q or A - J (suited) 20 - 1
Ace - King (un-suited) 15 - 1
K - K, Q - Q or J - J 10 - 1
A - Q or A - J (un suited) 5 - 1
Any Pair 2 - 10 3 - 1

Removing Bets

If you wish to remove chips from the table simple “right-click” the area you wish to remove chips from. (This will remove the chips starting with the lowest amount.)

To remove a stack of chips press and release the mouse over the stack of chips you wish to remove. This stack of chips will now follow the mouse. Press and release the right mouse button and all the chips will disappear. You could also press and release the right mouse button when the chip stack is off the table.

Ranking of hands

The following table shows the various hand ranking in order from lowest to highest; Along with the ante bet you also have the option to place a bonus bet. This can be a bet of any amount according to the set Minimum and Maximum's. This entitles the first two cards dealt for a 'bonus payout' depending on the cards drawn. The bonus bet is paid or taken straight after the deal of your first two cards.

Hand Rank Description
High Card. Highest Card or Cards in either hand. (2) Low Through to Ace (High).
One Pair. A hand containing two cards with the same picture or value.
Two Pairs. A hand containing two pairs of cards.
Three of a kind. A hand containing three cards with the same picture or value.
Straight. A hand containing 5 cards of any suit in numerical order.
Flush. A hand containing 5 cards all of the same suit.
Full House. A hand containing a Two of a Kind and a Three of a Kind.
Four of a Kind. All four cards of the same face value.
Straight Flush. All cards are of the same suit and in numerical order.
Royal Flush. 5 cards of the same suit in the order 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.