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Live blackjack from Vuetec / Distance gaming

Live dealer blackjack (Basic Strategy Early Payout™) streamed from the Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino in Dublin, Ireland by Vuetec Ltd.  

Available at:

No US players Lucky Live Casino
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No US players Dublinbet
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I guess the first thing to note about this game, is that it isn't blackjack.  It's a variation that is so different to standard blackjack rules, that it really is a different game altogether.  The intent of this page isn't to analyze the game rules in detail, but rather to critique the playability of the interface and streaming technology on which it is served by comparison to other live blackjack platforms on offer. 

Basic Strategy Early Payout™ in a nutshell

Playing Basic Strategy Early Payout™ you are dealt according to basic strategy blackjack and must decide at each stage in the game whether to continue with the next basic strategy play (as dictated by the dealer) or exit the round and take an offered early payout amount.  For a more detailed look at the game rules, either take a look at the house rules, or visit our Blackjack Early Payout Review page.

'Bricks and mortar casino'

There are 2 key differentiating features of this platform compared to most other live platforms.  The first is that the vision is not streamed from a purpose built live dealer studio.  The game you are viewing over the video feed is being conducted inside the Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino in Dublin, Ireland - Dublin's largest (by floor space) casino.  This is a real bricks and mortar casino that you are welcome to visit and play at.  The dealers dealing the game you are playing online, are actually casino employees.  Vuetec, the platform provider, simply manage the stream and associated interface technology.  Lucky Live is one of a number of casinos that take a live feed from the Fitzwilliam using Vuetec's platform.

Java based technology

The second is that the platform is served on a Java based technology rather than the more ubiquitous Adobe Flash technology employed by most other providers.  From a users perspective, this makes for a clunkier, less graphically attractive interface with movement that is not as smooth as competing offerings.  It's also fair to say that the video stream here is of a lower quality than you'll find at other providers.  You can see the cards reasonably clearly though, which I guess is the main thing.

All bet and customization options are clearly presented.  One cute feature is the ability to 'detach' the video footage from within the bet interface and move it around your screen as a stand alone window.  It can also be enlarged to 'full screen' view, although the video resolution doesn't really support this option satisfactorily.

Free play

A great feature of this platform is the FREE PLAY option - one of the very few to offer this, allowing you to place bets and get a feel for the game in free play mode before playing for real.


- Free play option available;

- One-to-many blackjack game (ie single deal, many players)

- Multi-play: play at the same table as other players, but no chat;

- Browser play: available in Java, no download required (apart from Java applet);

- History: full bet history available;

- Time between deals: 20 seconds;

- Time afforded for player bet selection ('Take early payout', NEXT): 5 seconds;

- Mandatory basic strategy play ensuring high return to player rate (99.5% historical RTP rate claimed);

- Variety of bet ranges: see blackjack limits page.

Recorded game demo video clip

Vuetec's blackjack early payout 1

Vuetec Blackjack Early Payout

The interface is clean and intuitive if a little clunky.  Game rules, bet and customization options are all readily accessible.

The web-cast quality is poor by comparison with competing offerings.

Vuetec's blackjack early payout 2

Vuetec Blackjack Early Payout

This view presents the bet decision box presented in this game (bottom right). Take the earl payout, or proceed with the next play.

What the next play is, will be decided by the dealer following strict basic strategy.  In this case, it is to stand.  All Rights Reserved

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