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Thread: deception ,cheating in live casinos?

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    Thanks, just as I thought. No proof, nothing that would make me feel anything is rigged, they're just normal gambling results.

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    Thanks Bod, nice try (good luck) I lost my will to carry on last year

    But, not overlooking the obvious that if the blackjack bet had been accepted his seat position would have received cards so altering the distribution (ie. possible no bust for dealer ) or if it was unlimited/one-to-many deal then every other player at seat still won...I already can guess what's coming next.
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    No proof, well, I saw them not giving the correct ball number, are you really thinking what you are saying???? lol.

    And for the blackjack, I had the strong feeling they wanted to steal my money by delaying my withdrawals but tried anyway to merge my three withdraws in one and win one dollar on the way lol.
    Probability to lose the 6 bets = 1.5% x probability to get one rejected bet = 0%, so I am really convinced my feeling was right. By the way, I didn't want to overload my previous message but as I did also the next bet, I checked (I was of course really curious) and confirm I would have won the previous bet if I took my seat.

    Perhaps, the guys responsible for the audits are just thinking like you: everything is possible.

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    Anyway, I am sure you are just both lying to yourself because I am sure you both know that if I insisted playing at 888, my chances to win at each bet would decrease considerably till I reach the table limit or finish my bank account (normal gambling results) while when swichtching casino, I reset my chances to 50/50

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    Personally, I don't play at 888 and that's because of the widely reported way that they treat players, not because I believe the games to be rigged.

    888 actually have no control whatsoever on the Live Games. They are provided by Evolution Gaming from their studios in Latvia. The dealers and pit staff all work for Evolution, not 888.

    Your best bet is to stop playing at 888 if you don't like it and play somewhere you feel happier at.

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    I won a lot at 888 casino due to the strange results of their live games and I found the correct numbers much much more than the rules of 37/36. But then, it just stopped working, it just became normal (in fact, less than normal so couldn't play confidently anymore).

    Now, I prefer Blackjack (house edge is much lower than on roulette). But when I cancelled my withdraw, I felt it it would be the last time I was going to play there... and, with the results I got, yes it was LOL.

    Another strange part, before that day, I was receiving free plays from them everyday and since this day, I didn't receive any free play from them (I didn't complain to them, nothing, I was just waiting to see LOL).
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    At some point I think it will be best to merge all these posts from various threads where you say or imply live games are rigged (to some extent) to leave the original thread content in focus.


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