It’s fair to say, when it come to live dealer card games, that the vast majority of tables across all providers would be comprised of (in order):

For quite some time blackjack and baccarat were the only card game you could play live online, joined in time by the poker variations and Dragon Tiger.

But today, there’s a lot more variety.

Not to say that these other card games are better or more fun to play. And in terms of return to player, they are invariably inferior to baccarat and (optimally played) blackjack.

But variety is, as they say, the spice of life. And given the number of these ‘other card games’ for want of a better category name has now swelled to game-show type proportions, we thought it helpful to dedicate a page to them.

Some titles you’ll have come across; 3 Card Brag, 3 Card Poker, Andar Bahar or Teen Patti. Others are a little more obscure. Titles like Sette e Mezzo, 3 Pictures and Lucky 7 for example.

But rest assured, they all can be played live online.

Keeping it simple

For the most part, these games are very simple to play, and often don’t involve much (or any strategy). Guessing whether a single card drawn will be high or low is an example of the kind of simplicity we’re talking about. Not hard to master. Perhaps not likely to hold your attention for too long either.

There’s also a general rule that can be applied to simple casino games involving little or no skill. They usually come with a large house edge.

Warning on theoretical returns

As it is with this lot. Most come with return to player rates in the vicinity of 96%. The exceptions to this are:

The below portfolio briefly summarises the game, where you can play it, and where you can read more complete details.