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Football Blitz, Top Card, Super Trunfo…quite a few names for the same game. Let’s stick with Football Blitz for the purposes of this review.

Football Blitz is a simple high card game powered by Pragmatic Play.

It follows in the footsteps of Evolution’s Football Studio/Top Card and OnAir’s Card Matchup – both very simple games in which a single card is dealt to Home and Away positions and the highest card wins earning an even money payout on winning bets.

Seeking to differentiate their game, Pragmatic have added a couple of tweaks to FootBall Blitz:

  1. the ability to place spread bets, and
  2. the introduction of random payout multipliers (applying to the spread bets)

The launch version of FootBall Blitz is Brazilian market focused (hence the Super Trunfo title), with dealers chatting in Portuguese. An English dealer version may pop up if the game proves popular enough.

Football Blitz: How to Play Summary

  • Main game: bet Home, (1:1) Away (1:1) or Draw /11:1).
  • Spread bets: bet on the Home/Away win differential. 6 spreads each side ranging +1.5 to +10.5.
  • Single card dealt to Home. Single card dealt to Away.
  • Card values are as follows (suits don’t matter):
    – Ace = 1
    – 2 to 10 = face value
    – Jack = 11
    – Queen = 12
    – King = 13
  • After bets close multipliers are randomly applied to spread bet positions (from 1 to 12) to increase the regular payout.
  • Top possible payout is 500:1 for (top multiplier applied) +10.5 spread.

Even with the addition of spread bets and multipliers this is a very simple game. The summary how-to above pretty much tells you all you need to know to get started.

Keen observers may have noted that Ace is low on this game. On the Evolution and OnAir versions Ace is high. Also on the other versions only card order is necessary. On FootBall Blitz with win spreads applying, card order AND numerical value are necessary.

Spread bets and Multipliers

Football Blitz’s main game, betting on the high card with even money payout, bears no further explanation. The spread bets which are new to live dealer gaming do.

You have 6 spread bet options for either Home or Away. You can take as many as you want.

The spreads range from +1.5 to +10.5. The spread bet wins if your chosen side wins by more than the spread value.

For example:

  • a Home +1.5 spread is a bet that Home wins by 2 or more points.
  • an Away +10.5 spread is a bet that Away wins by 11 or more points (K over 2 or Q over Ace your only possible wins here, hence the 40:1 payout).

The Spread Multipliers

After bets close, anywhere from 1 to 12 (ie all) spread bets have multipliers applied and are highlighted accordingly.


The top possible multiplier is 500:1 which will (very) occasionally be applied to the +10.5 spread. Top possible multipliers for the other spreads is set out in the payout table below.


Spread bets lost after 50 rounds

Spread bets are only available during the early part of the shoe.

  • after 50 rounds +9.5 and +10.5 spread bets are no longer offered (as in above game round)
  • after 60 rounds no spread bets are offered.

The game is dealt from an 8 deck shoe, reshuffled approximately mid-shoe. That’s around 200 cards dealt per shoe, or 100 rounds before the reshuffle. Meaning you are offered spreads for just over half of all rounds dealt per shoe.


Jack v 5: +6 Home win. +1.5, +3.5, +5.5 Spread bets all pay

Theoretical Returns for all Football Blitz bets

Here are all possible bet payouts and return to player rates by bet type, as provided in the game’s house rules.

Spread payouts show the range of regular and top possible multiplied payout.

Bet Payout RTP
Main game:
Home 1:1 96.27%
Away 1:1 96.27%
Draw 11:1 89.64%
Spread Bets:
Home / Away +1.5 1 – 10:1 97.27%
Home / Away +3.5 2 – 20:1 97.15%
Home / Away +5.5 4 – 30:1 96.95%
Home / Away +7.5 8 – 50:1 92.51%
Home / Away +9.5 20 – 200:1 90.41%
Home / Away +10.5 40 – 500:1 87.49%

Where to play Football Blitz

Any casino offering Pragmatic Play live games. The list is growing and now includes:

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