Here are the higher limit live dealer baccarat tables, with maximum bets (for Player, Banker or Tie) up to £€50,000 (at Unibet).

All of the below tables offer limits high enough to satisfy most high rollers. But players looking for a serious VIP experience may want to consider the Salon Privé Baccarat table offered by Evolution.

Limits on this table, irrespective of which casino you access it from, are as high as you will find on any live baccarat table. You will also have exclusive access to the table when you open it.

Exclusive, along with most superlatives, is a word thrown around pretty liberally by online casinos. In this case, its use is justified. Once you open this table, no other player can access it. It’s just you and the dealer. You can fast play. You can slow play. You have the complete and undivided attention of the dealer for the duration of your session.

Access is restricted. An account balance of  €£ 6,000 or more is  required to open the table. This is a legitimate super VIP experience.

A few hands on the Squeeze Baccarat table…