Quite a few of the bigger providers are getting into the (welcomed) habit of publishing theoretical returns for their games on game rules pages. These pages are typically accessed from a help (?) button on the game interface.

Set out below are those published rates. Games/providers are absent from the list if they do not publish returns.

Theoretical returns / RTP / Return to Player/ House edge

These are all different expressions for the same concept: what proportion of total bets will the house take and what proportion will be returned to the player, assuming optimal play over a long period of time.

An RTP rate or theoretical return of 98% is the equivalent of a 2% house edge and implies that (for example) for every $100 staked the player will win $98 and the house takes $2. There’s a little more on RTP rates here, including the difference between theoretical and actual returns.

Live dealer games with the best theoretical returns

Here is a list of live dealer games and the theoretical returns for available bets. The list is sortable so you can easily see the games (and bets within each game) that offer the best returns.

When sorted by theoretical return, best to worst, there are a couple of key takeaways:

  • The main bets on traditional casino games dominate the top of the list
  • Game Shows and side bets dominate the bottom of the list.
Game Provider Theoretical return
Roulette (European) Evolution 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Evolution 98.65%
Roulette (American, 0 & 00) Evolution 94.74%
Blackjack (Main bet) Evolution 99.28%
Blackjack (Perfect Pairs side bet) Evolution 95.90%
Blackjack (21+3 side bet) Evolution 96.30%
Infinite Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 99.47%
Free Bet Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 98.45%
Free Bet Blackjack (7 seat tables) Evolution 98.26%
Power Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 98.80%
Speed Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 99.28%
Lightning Blackjack Evolution 99.56%
2 Hand Casino Hold’em (Ante bet) Evolution 97.84%
2 Hand Casino Hold’em (Bonus bet) Evolution 93.74%
3 Card Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 96.63%
3 Card Poker (Pair Plus bet) Evolution 95.51%
3 Card Poker (6 Card Bonus bet) Evolution 91.44%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Evolution 98.95%
Baccarat (Banker pair bet) Evolution 89.64%
Baccarat (Player pair bet) Evolution 89.64%
Baccarat (Perfect pair bet) Evolution 91.95%
Baccarat (Either pair bet) Evolution 86.29%
Baccarat (Player bonus bet) Evolution 97.35%
Baccarat (Banker bonus bet) Evolution 90.63%
Golden Wealth Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.85%
Golden Wealth Baccarat (Banker bet) Evolution 98.69%
Lightning Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.76%
Lightning Baccarat (Tie bet) Evolution 94.51%
Evolution Peek Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.80%
Prosperity Tree Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.89%
Prosperity Tree Baccarat (Banker bet) Evolution 98.74%
Bac Bo (Banker/Player bet) Evolution 98.87%
Bac Bo (Tie bet) Evolution 95.52%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 97.84%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Bonus bet) Evolution 93.74%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Jumbo 7 Jackpot) Evolution 81.64%
Caribbean Stud Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 98.19%
Caribbean Stud Poker (5+1 Bonus bet) Evolution 91.44%
Craps Live Evolution 99.17%
Cash or Crash Live Evolution 99.59%
Dead or Alive Saloon Evolution 97.02%
Deal or No Deal Evolution 95.42%
Dragon Tiger (Main bet) Evolution 96.27%
Dragon Tiger (Tie bet) Evolution 89.64%
Dragon Tiger (Suited Tie bet) Evolution 86.02%
Fan Tan (SSh bet) Evolution 88.75%
Football Studio Dice (Home/Away bets) Evolution 97.75%
Lightning Dice Evolution 96.21%
Lightning Lotto Evolution 96.08%
Lightning Roulette (Outside bets) Evolution 97.30%
MONOPOLY Live Evolution 96.23%
Side Bet City (3 Card Hand) Evolution 96.69%
Mega Ball Evolution 95.40%
Super Sic Bo Evolution 97.22%
Instant Super Sic Bo Evolution 97.22%
Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker Evolution 96.50%
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 97.96%
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (Total bet) Evolution 99.47%
Video Poker Live (Jacks or Better) Evolution 99.54%
Video Poker Live (Tens or Better) Evolution 97.96%
Video Poker Live (Deuces Wild) Evolution 98.91%
Video Poker Live (Bonus Poker) Evolution 99.17%
Video Poker Live (Double Double) Evolution 98.98%
Roulette (European) Playtech 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Playtech 98.65%
Roulette (American) Playtech 94.74%
Spread Bet Roulette Playtech 97.30%
Quantum Roulette (Outside bets) Playtech 97.30%
Blackjack (Main bet) Playtech 99.5%
Blackjack (Perfect Pairs side bet) Playtech 95.90%
Blackjack (21+3 side bet) Playtech 96.30%
Blackjack (Unlimited table) Playtech 99.5%
Quantum Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.47%
All Bets Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.46%
Cash Back Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.56%
Sette e Mezzo (Main game) Playtech 99.31%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Playtech 98.95%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 98.9%
Casino Stud Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 98.18%
Heads Up Holdem Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 97.64%
Millionaire Video Poker Live (Jacks or Better) Playtech 99.54%
Millionaire Video Poker Live (Deuces Wild) Playtech 98.91%
Millionaire Video Poker Live (Bonus Poker) Playtech 99.17%
Millionaire Video Poker Live (Double Double) Playtech 98.98%
Millionaire Video Poker Live (Millionaire Aces) Playtech 99.25%
Hi Lo Playtech 96.45%
Sic Bo Playtech 97.3%
Sic Bo Deluxe Playtech 97.2%
Dragon Tiger (Dragon or Tiger bet) Playtech 96.27%
Dragon Tiger (Tie bet) Playtech 82.17%
Dragon Tiger (Side bet) Playtech 92.31%
3 Card Brag (Ante bet) Playtech 98.00%
3 Card Brag (Pairs Plus bet) Playtech 97.86%
Teen Patti (Ante bet) Playtech 97.74%
Andar Bahar (Andar bet) Playtech 97.85%
Andar Bahar (Bahar bet) Playtech 97%
Bet On Baccarat Playtech 97%
Bet On Poker Playtech 96%
Bet On Dragon Tiger Playtech 96%
Blackjack (Main bet) Pragmatic Play 99.28%
ONE Blackjack (Main bet) Pragmatic Play 99.47%
Roulette (European) Pragmatic Play 97.30%
Lucky 6 Roulette Pragmatic Play 97.49%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Pragmatic Play 98.94%
No Commission Baccarat (Player bet) Pragmatic Play 98.76%
Mega Baccarat (Player bet) Pragmatic Play 98.79%
Sic Bo (3 dice total, 4 or 17 bet) Pragmatic Play 98.61%
Blackjack (Main bet) OnAir Entertainment 99.44%
Eclipse Blackjack (Main bet) OnAir Entertainment 99.44%
Roulette OnAir Entertainment 97.30%
Nexus Roulette (Nexus bet) OnAir Entertainment 91.96%
Baccarat (Banker bet) OnAir Entertainment 98.94%
Roulette (European) Authentic Gaming 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Authentic Gaming 98.65%
7’s on Fire (Numbers bet) Authentic Gaming 98.00%
Roulette (European) Discontinued NetEnt 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Discontinued NetEnt 98.65%
Blackjack Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Blitz Blackjack Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Blackjack (Common Draw) Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Roulette (European) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 97.30%
Blackjack2 Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 99.59%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 98.94%
Baccarat (Player bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 98.76%
Baccarat (Tie bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 85.64%
Roulette (European) LiveG24 97.30%
Blackjack LiveG24 99.39%
  • 1. La Partage rule gives half the money back on even money bets when the ball lands on zero
  • 2. Calculated as incorrect at blackjack house edge page. Should read 99.39%