Quite a few of the bigger providers are getting into the (welcomed) habit of publishing theoretical returns for their games on game rules pages. These pages are typically accessed from a help (?) button on the game interface.

Set out below are those published rates. Games/providers are absent from the list if they do not publish returns.

Theoretical returns / RTP / Return to Player/ House edge

These are all different expressions for the same concept: what proportion of total bets will the house take and what proportion will be returned to the player, assuming optimal play over a long period of time.

An RTP rate or theoretical return of 98% is the equivalent of a 2% house edge and implies that (for example) for every $100 staked the player will win $98 and the house takes $2. There’s a little more on RTP rates here, including the difference between theoretical and actual returns.

Game Provider Theoretical return
Roulette (European) Evolution 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Evolution 98.65%
Roulette (American, 0 & 00) Evolution 94.74%
Blackjack (Main bet) Evolution 99.28%
Blackjack (Perfect Pairs side bet) Evolution 95.90%
Blackjack (21+3 side bet) Evolution 96.30%
Infinite Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 99.47%
Free Bet Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 98.45%
Free Bet Blackjack (7 seat tables) Evolution 98.26%
Power Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 98.80%
Speed Blackjack (Main Game) Evolution 99.28%
Lightning Blackjack Evolution 99.56%
2 Hand Casino Hold’em (Ante bet) Evolution 97.84%
2 Hand Casino Hold’em (Bonus bet) Evolution 93.74%
3 Card Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 96.63%
3 Card Poker (Pair Plus bet) Evolution 95.51%
3 Card Poker (6 Card Bonus bet) Evolution 91.44%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Evolution 98.95%
Baccarat (Banker pair bet) Evolution 89.64%
Baccarat (Player pair bet) Evolution 89.64%
Baccarat (Perfect pair bet) Evolution 91.95%
Baccarat (Either pair bet) Evolution 86.29%
Baccarat (Player bonus bet) Evolution 97.35%
Baccarat (Banker bonus bet) Evolution 90.63%
Golden Wealth Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.85%
Golden Wealth Baccarat (Banker bet) Evolution 98.69%
Lightning Baccarat (Player bet) Evolution 98.76%
Lightning Baccarat (Tie bet) Evolution 94.51%
Bac Bo (Banker/Player bet) Evolution 98.87%
Bac Bo (Tie bet) Evolution 95.52%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 97.84%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Bonus bet) Evolution 93.74%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Jumbo 7 Jackpot) Evolution 81.64%
Caribbean Stud Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 98.19%
Caribbean Stud Poker (5+1 Bonus bet) Evolution 91.44%
Craps Live Evolution 99.17%
Cash or Crash Live Evolution 99.59%
Dead or Alive Saloon Evolution 97.02%
Deal or No Deal Evolution 95.42%
Dragon Tiger (Main bet) Evolution 96.27%
Dragon Tiger (Tie bet) Evolution 89.64%
Dragon Tiger (Suited Tie bet) Evolution 86.02%
Fan Tan (SSh bet) Evolution 88.75%
Football Studio Dice (Home/Away bets) Evolution 97.75%
Lightning Dice Evolution 96.21%
Lightning Roulette (Outside bets) Evolution 97.30%
MONOPOLY Live Evolution 96.23%
Side Bet City (3 Card Hand) Evolution 96.69%
Mega Ball Evolution 95.40%
Super Sicbo Evolution 97.22%
Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker Evolution 96.50%
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (Ante bet) Evolution 97.96%
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (Total bet) Evolution 99.47%
Roulette (European) Playtech 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Playtech 98.65%
Roulette (American) Playtech 94.74%
Spread Bet Roulette Playtech 97.30%
Quantum Roulette (Outside bets) Playtech 97.30%
Blackjack (Main bet) Playtech 99.5%
Blackjack (Perfect Pairs side bet) Playtech 95.90%
Blackjack (21+3 side bet) Playtech 96.30%
Blackjack (Unlimited table) Playtech 99.5%
Quantum Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.47%
All Bets Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.46%
Cash Back Blackjack (Main game) Playtech 99.56%
Sette e Mezzo (Main game) Playtech 99.31%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Playtech 98.95%
Casino Hold’em Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 98.9%
Casino Stud Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 98.18%
Heads Up Holdem Poker (Ante bet) Playtech 97.64%
Hi Lo Playtech 96.45%
Sicbo Playtech 97.3%
Sicbo Deluxe Playtech 97.2%
Dragon Tiger (Dragon or Tiger bet) Playtech 96.27%
Dragon Tiger (Tie bet) Playtech 82.17%
Dragon Tiger (Side bet) Playtech 92.31%
3 Card Brag (Ante bet) Playtech 98.00%
3 Card Brag (Pairs Plus bet) Playtech 97.86%
Andar Bahar (Andar bet) Playtech 97.85%
Andar Bahar (Bahar bet) Playtech 97%
Bet On Baccarat Playtech 97%
Bet On Poker Playtech 96%
Bet On Dragon Tiger Playtech 96%
Roulette (European) Authentic Gaming 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 Authentic Gaming 98.65%
Roulette (European) NetEnt 97.30%
Roulette (French)1 NetEnt 98.65%
Blackjack Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Blitz Blackjack Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Blackjack (Common Draw) Discontinued NetEnt 99.5%
Blackjack (Main bet) Pragmatic Play 99.28%
ONE Blackjack (Main bet) Pragmatic Play 99.47%
Roulette (European) Pragmatic Play 97.30%
Roulette (European) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 97.30%
Blackjack2 Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 99.59%
Baccarat (Banker bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 98.94%
Baccarat (Player bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 98.76%
Baccarat (Tie bet) Discontinued Extreme Live Gaming 85.64%
Roulette (European) Media Live Casino 97.30%
Blackjack Media Live Casino 99.39%
  • 1. La Partage rule gives half the money back on even money bets when the ball lands on zero
  • 2. Calculated as incorrect at blackjack house edge page. Should read 99.39%