Spread Bet Roulette: How to Play

Here’s something completely different from Playtech. They call it Spread Bet Roulette and I suspect it going to be very well received by players.

What is Spread Bet Roulette?

Basically it’s live roulette with the option to take additional bets, called Spread Bets.

You can play regular old European Roulette bets, or you can take any of the Spread Bets that are offered. Or you can take a combination of both.

The Spread Bets

As for the Spread Bets, the graphic that presents itself when you first launch the game does an excellent job of explaining the concept…

Spread Bet Roulette explained

Accompanying the actual roulette wheel which the dealer launches the ball into as in any live roulette game, is a virtual depiction of that wheel, and within it another wheel. Hard to miss this double wheel set up, as you can see below.

Before the ball drops into its pocket on the actual wheel, the virtual wheels turn in opposite directions, then come to rest with numbers aligned randomly. These pairs, and the actual spin result dictate the Spread Bet outcome.

So, using the example above…

  • the spin result on the real wheel is number 21.
  • 21 had aligned with 32 on the Gold Wheel, making the spread bet result 21+32=53

There are 7 Spread Bets offered, each offering a range of possible outcomes, and of course a payout for correct selection.

The above example would have netted winners a 1:1 payout (34-54 range) if selected.

Playing the game

As for regular roulette, placing chips on the bet selector before bets close gets you in the game.

Spread Bet Roulette placebets

You have a race track for neighbour and special bets, and virtual table to place inside or outside bets.

You also have 7 coloured circles on the virtual table.

Spread Bets

These are your Spread Bets. Green (0-1) with a payout of 400:1, through to blue (68-72) paying 80:1.

While you are selecting your bets, the virtual wheels are turning in opposite directions.

At some point before the ball finds its pocket, the virtual wheels come to rest and number pairs are locked.

Spread Bet Roulette wheels locked

So once the ball finds its pocket (in the below case, 4), the Spread Bet result is known (4+30=34).

Spread Bet Roulette result

There’s also a ‘Green Win Rule’.

If the spin results in a zero, then all Spread Bets are paid out even money regardless of whether they won or not.

Complete Rules & Returns

House rules

…may be read here

Theoretical Returns

No surprises to learn that the sexy spread bets offer inferior returns to the betting on the regular roulette bets.

Theoretical return to player for:

  • Regular Roulette bets is 97.30%.
  • Spread-Bets is 96.57%

Where to play Spread Bet Roulette

A couple weeks into launch, this new game is already available at bet365Paddy Power and Betfair.

Some Spread Bet Roulette video action

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