Fashion TV Mega Party Live

Welcome to Fashion TV Mega Party Live, Playtech’s latest big money wheel live game.

Mega Party Live is a big wheel game with fixed payout segments in addition to 3 disco themed bonus games.

If you’re thinking the disco themed big wheel thing may have already been done, you’re right. Funky Time has been running for almost a year now and is proving quite the hit with players. Seems Playtech are looking to lure some of the disco theme big wheel fraternity onto their dance floor.

Mega Party is live now at a bunch of casino carrying Playtech live games, including bet365, 888 and BetFred.

The Mega Party Wheel consists of 54 segments a follows:

  • 46 sectors with number bets:
    – Number 1 bet (21 segments)
    – Number 2 bet (14 segments)
    – Number 5 bet (7 segments)
    – Number 10 bet (4 segments)
  • 3 segments with the Laser Show mini game
  • 2 segments with the Lucky DJ mini game
  • 2 segments with the Dance Floor mini game
  • 1 segment with the Mega Win

The aim of the game of course is to pick the segment where the big wheel comes to rest for a:

  • fixed payout on the numbers bets with payout corresponding to the number (1:1 for number 1, 5:1 for number 5 etc),
  • fixed payout on the Mega Win segment with top fixed payout (25x), and/or
  • a mini game determined payout for the mini game segments.

Any of these payouts can be multiplied further in the event that a spin is designated a Mega Party Event.

The Mega Party Event

Occasionally after the betting time is over a Mega Party event is announced for the upcoming game round. When this happens, multipliers across all bets in the game are boosted as follows:

  • Number bet 1, 2 and 5 payouts multiplied by either ×3 or x5
  • Number bet 10 payout multiplied by either x2 or x3
  • Lucky DJ, Laser Show and Dance Floor resulting payout multiplied by either x2 or x3
  • Mega Win bet position multiplier changes from x25 to either x100, ×200 or x1,000 which is the game high payout.

The Mini games

The 3 mini games all serve to determine a bet multiplier for the game round. If you had a bet on the resulting mini game segment, you’re in the game. If not, you’re just spectating.

The Dance Floor bonus game involves picking one of 13 dance floor tiles to reveal your multiplier. Had this been a Mega Party Event spin, the 10x payout would have been upsized to 20x or 30x.


For a description of how the other mini games play out, try Playtech’s neat video tutorial that opens the game.

Return to Player by bet

You’re a better chance to find Big Foot, than a good returning Big Money Wheel live game. So it is with Mega Party Live, with every possible bet taking almost 5 cents for every dollar staked (in the long term).

Bet Payout RTP
Number 1 1 – 5:1 95.56%
Number 2 2 – 10:1 95.53%
Number 5 5 – 25:1 95.56%
Number 10 10 – 30:1 95.49%
Lucky DJ 4 – 239:1 95.48%
Laser Show 4 – 539:1 95.47%
Dance Floor 4 – 359:1 95.47%
Mega Win 25 – 1,000:1 95.50%

Our thoughts on Fashion TV Mega Party Live

It’s going to take a very special big money wheel game to raise pulses at One borrowing from a theme we’ve already seen (and presented on a lower budget it must be said) isn’t going to do it.

Nevertheless, players will probably flock to this game. They just can’t seem to get enough of big money (stealing) wheels.


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