Sticky Bandits Roulette Live from Playtech

If there was an award for best live dealer game title, Sticky Bandits Roulette would surely be in the running.

Sticky Bandits Roulette is yet another live roulette multiplier game, brought to you by Playtech. The theme is the wild wild west. Multipliers come in the form of a single multiplier number, and 3 bonus game triggering Bandit Numbers.

Sticky Bandits Roulette is taking bets now at most casinos carrying Playtech’s live games including
bet365888Bwin and Dafabet.

The Quick and Dirty on Sticky Bandits Roulette Live

  • Game is powered by a standard European Roulette wheel
  • During betting time place bets as you would playing live European Roulette, betting inside or outside placing chips on the table or racetrack
  • Note that only inside bets (Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner/Basket, Line) can be multiplied.
  • After bets close:
    – 3 Bandit Numbers are chosen, and
    – 1 Lucky Multiplier Number is chosen (assigned 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier)
  • The 3 Bandit Numbers and 1 Lucky Multiplier Number are highlighted on the table accordingly
  • If the spin results in a Bandit Number a bonus game is triggered, generating a payout multiplier for all inside bets that covered the Bandit Number
  • If the spin result is the Lucky Multiplier Number, all inside bets that cover the Lucky Multiplier Number have their base payout multiplied accordingly
  • Base payouts for all inside bets are lower than standard European Roulette payouts
  • Payouts for all outside bets are identical to standard European Roulette
  • 2 new bets are offered:
    Bandit Bet: guarantees you entry into the Bandit Bonus game if it is triggered (cost: 7x main game chip value)
    Bonus Buy Bet: guarantees you entry into the Bandit Bonus game regardless of spin result (cost: 90x main game chip value)

Sticky Bandits Roulette Main Game

Let’s expand on the above with a game round in pictures.

During betting time you’re presented with a familiar live roulette bet selector with the option to place your chips on the table or use the racetrack for neighbours bets.

Bet inside or outside, but remember only inside bets are eligible to be multiplied or have you playing the bonus game.

Right of the selector are the two additional bets that are offered…

  • the Bandit Bet guarantees entry into the Bandit Bonus game when triggered, and costs 7x your selected chip value (in this case €7); and
  • the Bonus Buy bet guarantees entry into the Bandit Bonus game regardless of spin result, and costs a whopping 90x your selected chip value (in this case €7).

We’ve gone with a Jeu Zéro bet.

After bets close the 3 Bandit Numbers and 1 Lucky Number are randomly selected. In the example round:

  • 18 will trigger a 1 Star Bandit Bonus Game,
  • 16 will trigger a 3 Star Bandit Bonus Game,
  • 28 will trigger a 5 Star Bandit Bonus Game (highest possible multiplier generated), and
  • 24 is the Lucky Number with a 2x payout multiplier applied

All are highlighted on the bet selector.

A zero result is neither a Bandit Number or Lucky Number, but nonetheless a winning Split bet, paying €15 or 14:1 (Split pays 17:1 on European Roulette tables).

Of course had zero had been the Lucky Multiplier number, the payout would have been multiplied accordingly.


Bandit Bonus Game

When the spin results in a Bandit Number, 9 in the example below, the Bandit Bonus game is triggered.


If your Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner/Basket, or Line bet covered number 9 you’re in the bonus game.

The bonus games are mercifully quick, and you have no decisions to make. It’s just a matter of waiting for the outcome and a final multiplier value that will be applied to your bet.


The resulting multiplier (x29 in the example) is applied to a Straight Up bet, and proportionally to the other inside bets, ie:

  • 29 x 1/2 x Split bet (covers 2 numbers)
  • 29 x 1/3 x Street bet (covers 3 numbers)
  • 29 x 1/4 x Corner bet (covers 4 numbers)
  • 29 x 1/6 x Line bet (covers 6 numbers)

In the unlikely event that the Bandit Number and Lucky Multiplier Number overlap, the bonus game multiplier is multiplied.

Top possible payout from the Bandit Bonus Game is 5,207:1.

Sticky Bandits Roulette Live Payouts and RTP

Payouts for both the main game and Bandit Bonus games are set out below. As for all roulette multiplier games, the base payout for each (inside) bet on the main game is less than the equivalent payout on European Roulette. This way the house edge is preserved despite the multiplied payouts.

For example, and as illustrated in the above example, a winning Split bet with no Lucky Multiplier, pays 14:1, versus the standard 17:1 Split payout.

Outside bets payouts are as identical to European Roulette.

Main Game Payouts:
Bet Non Multiplied
Max Multiplied
Standard Roulette
Payouts Compared
Straight Up 29:1 119:1 35:1
Split 14:1 59:1 17:1
Street 9:1 39:1 11:1
Corner 6.5:1 29:1 8:1
Six Line 4:1 19:1 5:1
Column 2:1 n/a 2:1
Dozen 2:1 n/a 2:1
Red/Black 1:1 n/a 1:1
Odd/Even 1:1 n/a 1:1
1-18/19-36 1:1 n/a 1:1
Bonus Game Payouts:
Straight Up 11-5207:1
Split 5-2603:1
Street 3-1735:1
Corner 2-1301:1
Six Line 1-867:1

On the return to player (RTP) side of things, Playtech have kept it simple…

  • RTP on the main game: 97.30%
    Clearly 97.30% would apply to all outside bets which are identical to European Roulette. What isn’t specified in the house rules (and probably not safe to assume) is whether this also applies to all inside bets whose payouts have been altered.
  • RTP on Bandit Bonus game: 97.30%
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