Multiplied Payouts: Live games with random multipliers

lightning baccarat placebets

Take a foundation live dealer table game (eg baccarat).

Add sexy multipliers that operate to randomly supersize winning payouts. Give those multipliers a flashy name like Quantum, or Lightning.

Make the table (and the dealers sitting at it) look damn nice.

Finally, add a little pizzazz when your lightning or quantum multipliers are selected, and even more pizzazz when they come into play with win calculations.

lightningbaccarat multiplier

What do you have?

You have something that we’ve been seeing a lot of from Evolution and Playtech in recent months.

As you can see from the below gallery, you can now play Lightning or Quantum multiplier games based on each one of the foundation live games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat or sicbo.

They’re popular to play. And I can see why.

Your interest in the outcomes is certainly heightened when multipliers come into play during these games. If your Lightning or Quantum Roulette bet payout has been multiplied you watch that ball very closely.

Playing Quantum Blackjack you feel yourself leaning toward splits you wouldn’t normally to possibly land a 10x multiplier that has yet to be dealt.

These games are engaging.

And the best thing about them (unlike the Game Shows) is that despite the added flash and pizzazz, theoretical returns are not far off the traditional table game they are based on. This is demonstrated by the below table.

RTP rates: multiplier games v traditional games
GameRTP (optimal bet/play)
Playtech Blackjack99.5%
Evolution Gaming Blackjack99.28%
Baccarat (Evolution & Playtech)98.95%
European Roulette (Evo & Playtech)97.3%
Playtech Sicbo97.3%
Quantum Blackjack99.47%
Lightning Baccarat98.76%
Quantum Roulette97.3%
Lightning Roulette97.3%
Super Sicbo 97.22%
Sicbo Deluxe97.2%

Combine added entertainment and still good value for the player, and you’re on a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Of course good value doesn’t translate to a player edge. And you may find your sessions on these tables a little longer than the regular tables so take care!

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