Lightning Dragon Tiger Live from Evolution

Lightning Dragon Tiger

Welcome to Lightning Dragon Tiger, another addition to Evolution’s Lightning series of live games with multipliers.

With Dragon Tiger, dealt from an 8 deck shoe as its foundation and multipliers introduced via a randomly selected suit each round it’s a fast and easy game to play. What’s more, the game’s theoretical return eclipses that of the regular Dragon Tiger game.

Lightning Dragon Tiger in a nutshell

  • Bet Dragon (pays 1:1), Tiger (1:1), Tie (6.5:1) or Suited Tie (20:1).
  • A 20% house commission is taken on all bets.
  • Single card dealt to Dragon position then Tiger position.
  • High card wins (Ace is low & suits don’t matter for win determination).
  • Lightning Multiplier generated each round (after bets close):
    – a lightning multiplier suit (, blankblank, or blank) is randomly selected, and
    – assigned a multiplier value: 2x, 3x, 5x, or 8x
  • If the card dealt to the winning position matches the lightning multiplier suit, payouts are multiplied accordingly.
  • If both cards dealt match the lightning multiplier suit, the multiplier value multiplies before being applied to Tie and Suited Tie base payouts.

The nutshell explanation pretty much covers it all for this game. Nevertheless the below example round in pictures highlights the game’s key rules and features.

Lightning Dragon Tiger place bets

A familiar Evolution bet selector gets you started. Choose your chip and your bet. Note a €5 bet placed has cost €6 (TOTAL BET, bottom left) after the 20% house commission is deducted.

Lightning Dragon Tiger lightning suit

Once bets close the lightning multiplier suit is chosen (blank) and a multiplier value is assigned (2x).

During a half hour game session, 5x made a few appearances. 3x and 2x were most common. There was no sign of the allusive 8x.

Lightning Dragon Tiger multiplied win

Dragon A versus Tiger 9 is a Tiger win, remembering Aces are always low in Dragon Tiger.

Because the 9blank matches the lightning multiplier suit, the 1:1 base payout becomes 2:1, for a €15 collect on the €5 bet.

Note also the Tie and Suited Tie base payouts have been multiplied 2x. Had a 9 been dealt to Dragon, the Tie would have paid 13x. Had a 9blank been dealt to Dragon the payouts would have been:

  • 2 x 2 x 6.5 = 26x for Tie bets
  • 2 x 2 x 20 = 80x for Suited Tie bets

Also in the case of a Tie or Suited Tie, half of you Dragon or Tiger bet is returned.

Bet Payouts and Theoretical Returns

Below are the payouts and return to player rates for each bet type on Lightning Dragon Tiger. Multipliers are in play for every bet type so payouts are presented as a range including base payout and highest possible multiplied payout.

Highest possible Dragon/Tiger payout is 8 x base. Highest possible Tie payouts are 8 x 8 x base.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Dragon Tiger
Bet Payout RTP Payout RTP
Dragon 1 – 8:1 96.97% 1:1 96.27%
Tiger 1 – 8:1 96.97% 1:1 96.27%
Tie 6.5 – 416:1 91.26% 11:1 89.64%
Suited Tie 20 – 1280:1 82.93% 50:1 86.02%

The table also shows for comparison purposes the payouts and RTP rates for Evolution’s regular Dragon Tiger game.  You’re actually better off playing this game.

Where to play Lightning Dragon Tiger

The below game round was played at Dublinbet, who were among the first casinos to add the game.

You can also play it at:

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