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Majestic Wheel Show place bets

Worried that there weren’t enough live big money wheel games out there? Fear not as here’s yet another – Majestic Wheel Show from OnAir Entertainment.

Majestic Wheel Show sits at the easier end of the complexity scale. No complicated bonus games to get your head around. Just a big wheel, a flapper and 9 bet options one of which is multiplied each round. There’s also the possibility of a Booster multiplying all results.

The Majestic Wheel and Bets

The big wheel powering this game comprises 54 segments:

  • 52 number segments (1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 36 & 40) which are all the bet options, with payout corresponding to the number, and
  • 2 Booster segments which multiply any resulting payout on the next spin

Wheel segmentation is as follows:

Segment Frequency Base payout Max payout
1 20 1:1 100:1
2 13 2:1 150:1
5 6 5:1 200:1
7 4 7:1 300:1
10 3 10:1 400:1
15 2 15:1 500:1
20 2 20:1 500:1
35 1 35:1 700:1
40 1 40:1 1000:1
Booster 2

The Majestic Number

Each round a Majestic Number is selected and a new Majestic payout is applied to that number.

In the below round, 10 is selected as the Majestic Number and 30x is the new payout should the flapper come to rest on a 10 segment. Maximum possible Majestic multipliers for each number are shown above.

Majestic Wheel Show Majestic number

The Booster

A Booster will boost any result in the next spin.

Majestic Wheel Show Booster

If the flapper stops on one of the Booster segments, then

  • all bets remain live,
  • a Booster multiplier is chosen,
  • the presenter spins the wheel again, and
  • the Booster is applied to any outcome multiplying payouts accordingly (including previous round’s Majestic Number multiplier).

Majestic Wheel Show Booster result

Successive Boosters multiply with the top possible payout capped at 20,000:1.


  • Bet €1 on Number 10 = 10:1 payout. 10 selected as Majestic Number payout increased to 30:1
  • Spin result Booster. Booster 5x selected. Bet stays live. Payout increased to 150:1 next spin.
  • Spin result Booster again. Booster 3x selected. Bet stays live. Payout increased to 450:1 next spin.
  • Spin result is 10 segment for a €450 win.

A highly unlikely scenario, but you get the idea.

Majestic Wheel Show Returns

Theoretical returns for this game are not so majestic. No surprises there as it is after all a big money wheel.

Return to player (RTP) rates for all bets range from:

  • a high of 96.82% (number 20)
  • a low of 94.65% (number 15)



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