Live dealer dragon tiger

If you like your casino games simple, then Dragon Tiger might be right up your alley, because games don’t get easier to play or understand than this.

Bet Dragon, Tiger or Tie, then the dealer deals a single card to the Dragon position, and a single card to the Tiger position.

Highest card wins, with King being highest, Ace lowest and suits not mattering.

Winning Dragon or Tiger bets pay even money. For losing Dragon or Tiger bets:

  • your entire stake is lost in the case of a loss.
  • half your stake is lost in the case of a Tie (this is where the house edge gets it’s edge)

Winning Tie bet payouts differ by platform…11 to 1 at Evolution Gaming, 10 to 1 at Playtech and 8 to 1 at the other listed platforms.

Evolution Gaming live dealer dragon tiger

Evolution Gaming live dealer Dragon Tiger

Offering an elevated 11:1 Tie bet payout, and a Suited Tie side bet paying 50:1.
Some flashy Dragon and Tiger lights in the background so you can´t miss the result.
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playtech dragont iger

Playtech live dealer Dragon Tiger

Now live streamed from their Riga, Latvia studio. Dragon/Tiger pays even money, Tie bet pays 10:1.
You can take some additional even money side bets on this table also.

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Pragmatic Dragon Tiger

Pragmatic Play live dealer Dragon Tiger

The most recent entry to the Dragon Tiger table list, Pragmatic’s Dragon Tiger table launched in May 2021.

Dragon & Tiger pay even money. Tie’s pay 11:1.

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OnAir Entertainment live Dragon Tiger

OnAir launched their Dragon Tiger table in March 2023. It comes with a Tie bet paying 11:1, and a few side bets, which as usual should be avoided.

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Opus Gaming live dealer dragon tiger

Opus Gaming live dealer Dragon Tiger

Live streamed from one of their two studios in Manila, Philippines

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Bodog88 live dealer dragon tiger

Bodog Asia’s live dealer Dragon Tiger

Live streamed from their studio in Manila, Philippines and dealt by the Bodog Girls.

A few side bets offered here in addition to Dragon, Tiger & Tie.

house rules | Where to play:

  • No longer available

HoGaming live Dragon Tiger

HoGaming live dealer Dragon Tiger

Also live streamed from Manila, Philippines.

This game offers Dragon, Tiger & Tie bets only.

  • No longer available