Stock Market Live from Evolution

If you thought your crypto portfolio was a wild ride, you need to try Stock Market Live from Evolution.

It’s now taking bets at casinos carrying Evolution live games, and it does make investing in Bitcoin seem downright conservative.

To be clear from the outset, outcomes in the game are entirely computer generated. It comes from Evolution’s First Person Gaming stable of RNG games. The only live dealer aspect is a running commentary of the simulated market movements by a game presenter so it’s categorisation as a live game could be questioned.

But within days of launch it had already found its place on the Top Games section in Evolution’s live games lobby with well over 1,000 players at time.

Make no mistake, this game is super engaging (sounds better than addictive). Imagine trading a market where session movements are regularly over 50%, and the trading day is only 10 seconds long!

Stock Market Live

How to play Stock Market Live

Stock Market Live involves bets on simulated stock market trading sessions.

Very simply there are only 2 bet options: UP or DOWN. Then a simulated trading session takes place resulting in the market being up or down anywhere between 0% and 100%. Pick the correct market movement and your bet (or portfolio) increases by the same percentage as the market movement. Pick incorrectly and it goes the other way.

Betting on the market and cashing out

Stock Market Live place bet

A chip on either UP or DOWN gets you in the market. In the example game it’s a €5 bet the market goes up, which it does growing the portfolio 52% to €7.60. Your bet remains live and effectively becomes your portfolio, until it is cashed out.

Stock Market cashout

You can cash out during decision time. But this will cost you a 1% commission. In the example game, a €7.60 portfolio cashed out sees €7.53 returned to the account balance.

Stock Market Live cashed out

Needless to say, cash outs should be avoided as they represented a substantial cost to what is otherwise a very small house edge game (see below). Keeping cash outs to a minimum (ideally only 1 at the conclusion of your playing time) is the best way to play this stock market.

Changing UP or DOWN bets

Changing your bets between trading sessions can be done without having to cash out.

During betting time you can:

  • move your bet by simply clicking the other position…

Stock Market bet move

  • increase your bet by clicking the chipped position…


The market often moves more than 50% up or down each trading session. Your portfolio can grow quickly but can evaporate even quicker.

Consider consecutive 90+% market movements. The first you pick correctly, almost doubling your portfolio to €43.70. The second you get wrong (as happened below) for a 94% portfolio drop to €2.76.

Stock Market Crash

It’s a white knuckle ride alright. Even when your starting bet is quite small.

Stock Market Theoretical Return

If the ultra engaging nature of this game doesn’t hook you, the house edge (or lack thereof) will.

Unusual for an RNG game, the theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage is 99% for any bet according to the game’s house rules.

Here it’s worth revisiting the cash out decision, and noting the 99% RTP doesn’t allow for cash outs. If you cashed out after each bet/trade, this RTP would become 98%. Expressed another way, the only optimal play decision with his game is to cash out as little as possible.

Enjoy, and hopefully you don’t lose your shirt!

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