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Super Stake Blackjack VIP place bets

This is Super Stake Blackjack VIP from StakeLogic. It combines a classic 7 seat blackjack configuration with StakeLogic’s Super Stake bet concept.

StakeLogic’s Super Stake concept was first seen on their Super Stake Roulette table. There it gives players the option to (for a fee) to access more random payout multipliers. It operates differently on the Super Stake Blackjack VIP table. But random multipliers are still the key theme.

It’s a VIP designated table but minimums aren’t too high. $30 will get you in the game – a $20 stake plus the mandatory 50% Super Stake fee.

It’s up and running at a bunch of reputable live casinos including UnibetBetvictor and Leo Vegas.

Key features of Super Stake Blackjack VIP

The foundation of this game, is a classic 7 seat blackjack table with the below key characteristics.

  • Game dealt from a manually shuffled 8 deck shoe (cut card inserted approximately mid-shoe)
  • It’s a ‘US Style deal’, ie the Dealer draws 1 card face up, 1 card face down on initial deal
  • Blackjack pays 3:2; all other wins even money
  • Dealer stands all 17s
  • Double allowed on any 2 initial cards
  • Double after split NOT allowed
  • Double draws only 1 additional card
  • Player can Split any 2 cards of equal value
  • No re-splits
  • Single card drawn to split Aces (ie can’t hit split Aces)
  • Insurance offered (pays 2:1)
  • Bet behind is offered
  • Side bets are offered

This is a pretty common ruleset applied on Evolution blackjack tables and Pragmatic live blackjack tables and OnAir Entertainment live blackjack tables.

Not so common, in fact completely unique, is the operation of the Super Stake feature which brings random multipliers into play to potentially elevate winning payouts.

The Super Stake feature works as follows:

  • A mandatory Super Stake fee (50% of main bet) is deducted at the deal outset.
  • Before the deal certain cards are randomly selected as Golden Cards and assigned multiplier values.
  • If the players’ winning hand contains any of these cards, the win payout is multiplied accordingly.

It’s worth noting that while the Super Stake feature is mandatory on this table, StakeLogic is now starting to include it as an option on some of its classic live blackjack tables. Turn it on and you’re paying a 50% bet stake fee and getting access to multipliers. Turn it off and you’re playing regular live blackjack.

How Super Stake Works

After bets close 2 to 6 Golden Cards are randomly generated. To each, a multiplier is assigned. Multiplier values can be either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 25x, or 50x.

In the example round, its a lowly 2 Golden Cards at just 2x each.

Super Stake Blackjack VIP Golden Cards

If any of these cards are dealt to the players initial hand (first 2 cards only), that multiplier amount will be applied. If the initial hand contains 2 Golden Cards, the multiplier values sum, meaning the top possible multiplier payout is 100x (2 Golden Cards each 50x).

In the example round the initial hand has drawn a single Golden Card: Jblank for a 2x multiplier.

Super Stake Blackjack VIP match

Payout calculation

The payout for winning hands will be equal to the regular payout plus the multiplier value multiplied by the initial bet. Only the initial bet is multiplied. Split or Double bet amounts are not multiplied.

The Super Stake fee plays no part in the payout calculation (just your casino balance calculation).

Example 1.
If the main bet is 50, an additional 25 is deducted as a Super Stake fee.
Player hand wins Blackjack with initial Golden Cards match 3x and 5x multipliers.
Payout calculation = 50 + 75 + (8×50) = 525

Example 2.
If the main bet is 50, an additional 25 is withdrawn as a Super Stake fee.
Player doubles down and wins their hand with initial Golden Cards match 3x and 5x multipliers.
Payout calculation = 100 + 100 + (8 × 50) = 600

In the example round below a $20 initial stake returns the regular $40 even money win, plus $20 x 2 multiplied payout for a $80 total.

Super Stake Blackjack VIP multiplied win

The Side Bets

There are 4 side bets offered on the Super Stake Blackjack VIP table. They are the same side bets offered across all StakeLogic’s classic 7 seat blackjack tables. Examples and payouts for each are below.

Not going to dwell on these other than to say don’t take the side bets. They’re a horrible waste of money (see RTP rates below).

Golden Pairs : a bet on drawing pairs on your initial 2 cards.


3 side bet : a bet on 3 card combination of your initial 2 cards and dealer’s up card.


Golden 3 : a bet on 3 card combination of your initial 2 cards and dealer’s up card with a Golden match


Buzz-T : a bet on how many cards dealer takes to bust


RTP on Super Stake Blackjack

In case you were considering a flutter on the side bets, here’s how their return to player (RTP) rates compare to the main game. Of course the main game return assumes optimal play. There is no optimal play for the side bets.

  • RTP main game: 99.41%
  • RTP side bets
    Golden Pairs: 95.90%
    3 Side bet: 96.30%
    Golden 3: 91.00%
    Buzz-T: 94.12%
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